Belt – H&M; Wedges – Payless.

I thought about wearing white shoes with this outfit but I don’t really like it when things are too matchy-matchy; so instead, I went with nude wedges.  I think it looks better.  This has to be one of the easiest dresses to wear.  It’s comfy, breathable, and styles so easily.  And its available in so many varying options.  I bought mine from Ruche, but you can get one in jade from Dress 911, or a green one from Spotted Moth one as well.   And if you’re plus size, pick up this ivory one from Modcloth, or this coral one from Ruche.

Remember, when I swore off shopping? Yeah, I’ve failed miserably at this.  Well, not “miserably” – it’s not like I’m in debt or have gone outside my means.  Just done really poorly in terms of will power.  But I keep trying.  And I’ve got a renewed energy to do so.  Partly because of the sunshine.  Partly because things have really picked up.  I’m hopefully going to have some exciting stuff to share with you in the coming months. 

Quote of Today:
“It’s like flopping down on a sofa made of Chuck Norris.”