Glasses & Shoes – F21; Dress – AE; Earrings – Walmart; Belt – thrifted; Watch – gift from Husband.

Do you know what I love?  I love fatty protein shakes.  Weird, I know.  But I love making *soy-free, dairy-free* shakes with a huuuuuge dollop of almond or cashew butter.  It’s absolutely wonderful post run or after a Kung Fu training session.  And sometimes *perhaps today* I love to throw in some strong iced coffee into it and have it for breakfast.  It’s so thick and creamy and it perks me right up!

But enough about food.

Last night, I  had a rehearsal for Posthuman *read about that here* The above outfit was what I wore to said rehearsal *which is soooo not appropriate for the character I play, but whatever*  Anyway, it was hot and humid, and by the time I got to the bus stop *a two minute walk* the entire area around my belt was wet with sweat *gross!!*  So, for the duration of the bus and subway ride I removed the belt and hoped that things would air out.  They did, so I just kept the belt off.  And I forgot about it until we were just about to leave.  I probably looked a little weird pulling a belt out of my purse suddenly and putting it on.  But I wanted to wear it as soon as I remembered ’cause I thought it was cute!