Cardi – F21; Dress – Ruche; Belt – AE; Socks – MacGregor; Boots – Town Shoes.

This dress from Ruche is perhaps one of my favorite in my entire closet, and that’s saying alot considering how many I own.  But I love how easy it is to throw on and how feminine it makes me feel.   Plus, it’s wonderful because there’s lots of breathing room so on those days when you don’t feel up to scruff it’s very forgiving.  And the little tulips and the ruffles make me feel pretty!

I tried a Tai Chi class today *which I’ll be blogging about tomorrow* and afterwards headed over to a girlfriends house for a ladies tea party. 

Christine (left), and Victoria (right) our wonderful hostess.

My small plate of treats and cup of tea with the tray in the background.

I had a wonderful time snacking on delicious homemade goodies – gluten and sugar free too!  But I have to say the very best part was hanging out with the wonderful ladies who came.  It’s amazing to be in a roomful of such talented, smart, witty and caring ladies.  What a blessing!