Father’s Day is not a good day for me.  So for most of my life I just kind of ignored it.  But today was the first day that I actively pursued celebrating it.  Because today I’m celebrating not my own life, but the life of my daughter.  Today I celebrated her Daddy!  And in order to do that, I bought him an intensive RPG computer game.  He may be a Dad, but he’s a little boy at heart!

My in-laws are here and we spent the day with family….

Her Grandpa tried to put a hat on Baby…

But that didn’t work, so he just put it on himself.

Then Baby changed into one of her B-day presents.
The sights along the Humber River.

This is how the day felt.  Overlit, relazed and a little hazy.  A very good day.

Baby loved looking at all the people in the park.

Husband’s parents enjoy going for a stroll.  As do we!