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Still Sick, But Here’s Salamanca

Hey guys, I’m still pretty sick over here, so no outfit shots for the time being. Unless you want to see my stellar PJs? In the meantime, here’s a few shots from Salamanca and Bilboa Spain.

The hallway in our hotel room in Bilboa was freaky; straight out of some horror or sci-fi film.
Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge: 
Go through your entire day without coffee or tea *green tea is allowed*

Windstorms Of Amsterdam

My mind is all a flutter today.  It’s a bit of pathetic fallacy, what with the rain and wind outside, but it’s also a bit situational.  You see in the past while, I’ve been going to a string of auditions and getting this close to getting the role in each one.  And it’s starting to get me all in a whirlwind.  Husband said that I should be proud that I got so close, but I say, “Does anyone remember the guy who got this close to playing Obi Wan?  Or Han Solo? No.”  There are no runners up in acting.  Hence my brain is clouded and whirling.  It’s not a negative place, just a questioning and confusing place.

So I thought it fitting to share with you my shots from Amsterdam.  The graffiti *random, chaotic art*, the weather while I was there, and the thoughts going on in my head at the time were all very similar to what’s happening up in my head right now. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Random Sundays: Bi-polar Sunshine

An alleyway in Venice.

I love the colors and the crooked tower.

Me waiting with all our luggage loaded off the ship.

Since today it’s been sunny and then snowy my mind has been wandering to more beautiful sights then the bi-polar weather here in Toronto.  I find myself thinking about Venice.  And I found my favorite shots of Venice to be things like alleyways and a buliding rather than the traditional canal with gondola because everyone has those shots and everyone has seen those shots.   I appreciated Venice, and I loved the windy streets from a military aspect (because well, I am a martial artist), but I didn’t fall in love with Venice as others have.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone offered me a trip there I wouldn’t refuse! It just wouldn’t be my first choice of anywhere in the world.

It does bring a smile to my face though.

You know what else brings a smile to my face?  This little ray of sunshine riiiight here.

It’s Rainy And My Mind Wanders To Scotland

It’s raining today.  It’s not fun.  In the night the wind howled and shook everything so much that we checked online in the middle of the night to see whether there was a tornado warning.  Husband got scared awake a few times in the night, we both did.  So this miserable weather got me thinking of when we were in Scotland.  It rained the enitre time.  Yes, I know that’s the climate, but I thought we’d get at least one day of good weather.

Edinburgh castle is just amazing!

We were in Edinburgh during their arts festival.
Gothinc Cathedral in Glasgow.  Cathedral design and architecture is stunning!

Inside the cathedral.

Stained glass windows.  If I were designing a house I think I’d have one gorgeous stained glass window somewhere.

We both loved Scotland despite the weather, but Husband was decidedly not happy about how much I enjoyed the wonderful red-haired men with fabulous scottish accents!

My Love Affair With Spain Began With Queen

Yes, I’m still under the weather.  So I’m sharing with you some more great shots!  This time?  Barcelona!   The city that started my love affair with Spain.

The first night we got there our lovely hostel hostess tried to tell us something important.  Through broken English and broken Spanish, we learned that we had to go to a certain place at a certain time to see something rare and spectacular.  What was it?  A fountain show set to music with all sorts of lights and colors.  And the kicker?  The finale was done to Queen’s rendition of “Barcelona.”  I live for Queen.

A shot of the main fountain.  It was flanked by about 12 smaller ones which also took part in the show.    
Some awesome street performers.

You can’t forget the amazing architecture.

But my favorite shot from Barcelona was this one I nabbed in a tiny borough.  I love it because it just captures the feel of Barcelona for me – such great beauty everywhere it becomes common place and you become so relaxed amidst it.  Plus, the graffiti in the ‘no entry’ sign says “One Love.”  It doesn’t get better than that.

Interlaken, Switzerland

I’m incredibly sick today.  Couldn’t keep any food in me all night and all day, fever, chills – the works! It’s just this evening that I managed to eat something.  I’m slowly on the mend, but as you can imagine, I didn’t really get dressed today.   I spent the day in sweatpants, and I really wasn’t thinking about blogging at all – I really wasn’t thinking at all.  So no outfit today. Sorry. 

But I thought I shared with you a few more shots from our Europe trip.  In case, you missed it, we spent about 3 months in Europe bumming around and seeing everything we could. One of Andrew’s favorite places was Interlaken, Switzerland. 

Yes, the water was actually that color!  
Glacier fed lake looks beautiful, but it’s not made for swimming!
The view from our hostel was to die for!
I got my very own Swiss Army knife in Switzerland!

Yodel, anyone?
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