Baby and I on our way back from hanging out with her boyfriends!
I’m loving this out of focus shot.
Jacket – Old Navy  ; Dress Ruche  ; Tights – Hue; Shoes – AE; Bag – F21  (patches sewn on by me)

Baby is an absolute pill ’cause she’s got a tooth coming in.  And since Husband has been working the past three days, and is working for the next two weeks straight, I get to be with her all by myself.  Oh the joys of being freelance! But at least we got to go out and hang out with her gal friend and her three boyfriends.  The four other Moms and I finally managed to co-ordinate our schedules to see each other.  And yes, there are three boys and one other girl in the group.  Baby used to have her pick of the boys, but the other young lass is maturing and starting to get in on the action!

I’m so pleased to say that the weather has improved today.  I’m not one to usually talk about the weather so much, but it has been absolutely horrendous here lately – severe thunderstorm warnings, wind warnings, cold, rain, etc.  Today at least it didn’t prevent us from venturing out.

As for the title of the post, well if you get it, you get it.
If you don’t, it’s probably better I don’t explain.
I’ll just look like more of a nerd.