Yes, I’m still under the weather.  So I’m sharing with you some more great shots!  This time?  Barcelona!   The city that started my love affair with Spain.

The first night we got there our lovely hostel hostess tried to tell us something important.  Through broken English and broken Spanish, we learned that we had to go to a certain place at a certain time to see something rare and spectacular.  What was it?  A fountain show set to music with all sorts of lights and colors.  And the kicker?  The finale was done to Queen’s rendition of “Barcelona.”  I live for Queen.

A shot of the main fountain.  It was flanked by about 12 smaller ones which also took part in the show.    
Some awesome street performers.

You can’t forget the amazing architecture.

But my favorite shot from Barcelona was this one I nabbed in a tiny borough.  I love it because it just captures the feel of Barcelona for me – such great beauty everywhere it becomes common place and you become so relaxed amidst it.  Plus, the graffiti in the ‘no entry’ sign says “One Love.”  It doesn’t get better than that.