After a morning at the beach it’s time to change and head for lunch.

Beautiful view from a golf course nearby.

Even ‘stormy’ weather is stunning here.

The very first thing we did – before we even went to our room.

I was meant for lounging on a beach.

A house we trekked by in the town.

I love the way houses look and feel here.
A small break from fashion and dresses to reminisce…
Since it’s February again, it made me think of what was happening last February.  I was five months pregnant and we were in Cuba.  Aaahh…how lovely!  I’d love to be there again, instead of in the midst of the snowstorm of the winter.
You know, my life has changed so much since having Baby.  Some things are worse – I miss going out for drinks with the girls whenever I feel like it.  Some things are better – there’s nothing sweeter than when she looks at me and smiles.  Melts my heart, it does. But I do look back and think to myself…if only you knew.
I laugh.  
I laugh when I think about these two ‘stressed’ people.  
We didn’t know how good we had it!