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An Ode To A Friend

Jacket – Old Navy
Top – thrifted
Skirt – C’est Moi
Shoes – Payless
Hair clip – Melinda Rose Design
Necklace – bought in Europe
Earrings – F21
I received an email from a friend of mine about Friday’s post, specifically regarding my saying that I need to photoshop out my bruises.  He’s one of the most aware people I know.  What I mean by that, is he’s sensitive and aware of the various pressures and constructs that are present in our society, and he’s specifically aware of the representation of women, or more the mis-representation of women.  He encouraged me not to photoshop my bruises out in order to stay true to the mantra of ModaMama – which is honesty and reality in the life of one woman.  So, I’m not.  You’re going to see all the bruises and other things – like my famous spaghetti burns.  
Thank you for reminding me to stay true to myself and not to fall into the trap of fashion magazines and other misrepresentations of women. 
True Story:
I played with my swords today in the backyard.  
I’m fully aware that the neighbours were watching me, and what’s more is, I don’t care.   
Maybe now they’ll think twice about throwing their cigarette buds in my garden. 

Insert Something Profound

Hat & Shoes – Ruche
Tank – hand me down
Necklace – F21
Shorts – C. Luce
I was going to put something witty here, or something profound, or probably both ’cause I do that everyday. *wink, wink*   But right now, I’m kind of having a craptastic kind of moment, so can we just pretend that I did? 
Oh, and can I ask you a question?  Do you like the ‘no bangs’ me or do you miss the bangs?  I’m always so torn about this.  *sigh*

Fifty Shapeless Shades

Sweater – Kensie
Dress – Many Belles Down
Shoes – Ruche

A loose and soft light sweater is such a cozy thing to wear in the chilly mornings of summer. The shapeless aspect of this one reflects my mind and attitude most mornings like these…shapeless, but also free and open.  Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to such pieces. It’s like literary pathetic fallacy. 
On that note, started reading Fifty Shades of Grey -that book everyone’s been raving about.  Read 50 pages and hated it.  Badly written, no plot, and the love scenes are not at all erotic it’s so poorly written.  And enough with the “inner goddess” crap!  You want Mommy porn?  Let me sleep in, hire me a nanny, make me coffee and breakfast and tell me that the housekeeper is just delayed because s/he’s picking up my trainer on the way.  Now that’s Mommy porn!
Quote of Today:
“Batman springs to mind.”

The Tears Of Lucille Ball

Hat & Boots – F21
Necklace – c/o Scarlet Samples
Vest – AE
Dress – Lace Affair

First off, I finally managed to remember to take off my sunnies before pictures.  I know, I’m very proud of myself.  Patting myself on the back for this great accomplishment.  Hush you from the cheap seats…I’ve still got baby brain here *side note: can you have baby brain with a toddler? Oh gosh, I hope so! Otherwise I’ve got no excuse*  

Secondly, my friend Emily *she’s the one in the picture below* and I were told by a store clerk that we had “balls” for wearing big floppy hats like these.  I really like being told I’m ballsy. *In my mind they’re always comparing me to Lucille Ball.  Always. Without Fail.*  But I felt like a bit of a fraud because the motivation behind wearing my hat is totally anti-‘balls’  – I don’t want to expose myself to the sun.

Lucille Ball wept.

Quote of Today:
“They started eavesdropping when I said the word ‘nipple.'”


Shirt – Smart Set
Jacket, Necklace, Shorts & Hat – F21
Boots – Threadsence

Sharing.  Sharing something here.  We all struggle with something when it comes to our appearance right?  Double chins, bellies, thicker then desired thighs – everyone’s got something.  So here’s mine – I struggle with adult acne.  Who the heck knew that at my semi-advanced age I would have to be dealing with the same crap a 15 year old, hormone raging, teenager does?  Certainly not me.  What’s more, is that I work in an industry that is so appearance centric I can’t not think about it all the time!  Sitting in an audition room surrounded by beautiful women with clear skin, I pray that my acting skills will get me through and that the MUA on set will be talented.  True, I could do something like take the pill to help clear it up, but I don’t like to put those hormones in my body, and yes make-up – covers it up, but the fact is I know it’s there and I don’t want to have to wear make-up.

And it eats away at my self-confidence.  I know it shouldn’t.  I’m more than my skin, I know I shouldn’t complain because there are people in the world who are truly suffering,  I have more worth….etc. etc. ….I know all this.   Tears are spilt, and it sucks.  Thank you.  Carry on.  I promise I won’t sulk too much. Like I said, we all have something, right?  Have a great Monday!

Don’t Suffer Fashion

Dress – Ruche
Necklace – c/o Mama’s Nests Designs
Belt – F21
Shoes – Payless
Earrings – somewhere on Etsy

I was on set all day yesterday for a commercial shoot *details will be on my acting blog* , so this isn’t the outfit I wore…it’s actually from a couple of days ago.  I love how soft and delicate and gentle this dress is, if a dress can be described as gentle.  Free flowing ruffles, chiffon, and comfort are key things in fashion for me.  Whether it’s a great leather jacket, or a frilly dress they have to be comfortable.  I don’t suffer for fashion, I live in it, and life is sometimes challenging enough without the added discomfort of a pinching outfit or painful shoes. 
Quote of Today:
“Don’t smell so much, just react to the joy.”

Ola Senor

Cardi – H&M
Top – hand me down
Skirt – refashioned from old dress
Shoes – stolen from Andrew
Tonight’s companion is Senor Pinot Grigio and two episodes of Community.  We’re old friends, Community, not Senor Grigio to be clear. Senor Grigio and I are acquaintances.   Not often together, but we like a light hearted chat from time to time.  Tonight we’re discussing thoughts long forgotten and how to banish them at unwanted times…that, and how I can get the perfect Britta curl. I can’t ever get it quite right.   Gillian Jacobs, what is your secret? 
p.s. Andrew’s in Texas and I really want him to get me some cowboy boots – size 6.5/7 if you’re wondering. It’s a bit of a fantasy.
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