Sweater – Kensie
Dress – Many Belles Down
Shoes – Ruche

A loose and soft light sweater is such a cozy thing to wear in the chilly mornings of summer. The shapeless aspect of this one reflects my mind and attitude most mornings like these…shapeless, but also free and open.  Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to such pieces. It’s like literary pathetic fallacy. 
On that note, started reading Fifty Shades of Grey -that book everyone’s been raving about.  Read 50 pages and hated it.  Badly written, no plot, and the love scenes are not at all erotic it’s so poorly written.  And enough with the “inner goddess” crap!  You want Mommy porn?  Let me sleep in, hire me a nanny, make me coffee and breakfast and tell me that the housekeeper is just delayed because s/he’s picking up my trainer on the way.  Now that’s Mommy porn!
Quote of Today:
“Batman springs to mind.”