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I Read A Magazine Today






 Cardigan – Cherico via Shopruche  //  Top – Velvet via thrift shop  //  Cords – Le Chateau  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Scarf – thrifted  //  Necklace – Fredrick Prince via Homegrown Boutique  

This morning I made myself tea.  My delicious and gourmet Davids Tea.
I sat down on the couch with a magazine in one hand and my steaming cup in the other.

I read that magazine.

My kid and my husband fought over what to have for breakfast.  He won by the way.  Then she threw a tantrum and he told her to sit in the time out corner.  She didn’t  She ran up the stairs, making a big show of it, and went into her room.  Her very own act of defiance.  He followed her up in a huff and closed the door to her room.  She freaked out because the door was closed.  He came down and cooled off.  She calmed down after a while.  He went up and she apologized.  They came downstairs.

Then a fight erupted over the laundry he was folding.  Honestly, I stopped paying attention. I was trying really hard not to pay attention.  I sat there and read that magazine.  I don’t know what it was about, but I read it.   From front to end. 

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Vino For The Holidays

Top – Hand me down  //  Skirt –  Moon Collection   //  Tights – HUE
Boots – Feet First  //  Bow – Ruche  //  Earrings – gift
Everyone loves the holidays, so I know I’m going to get myself stoned here by saying that really I could do without it all.  It’s stressful, it’s always hectic, and frankly it always gets me down.  Maybe it’s because not only is it Christmas and New Years, but it’s also my birthday and that starts this whole downward spiral of self examination.  For someone who’s very hard on themselves, and also very ambitious, that means a lot of vino as I always wish I was further ahead in a lot of areas in life.  I know I’m not the only one here.  The good thing is that it usually comes with a kick in the rear end to get things going.
This year I will get better at not being so tough on myself, and at enjoying and appreciating that which I do have. 
Pass the vino.

Colors, Oh My!

Sweater – hand me down
Belt & Tights – F21
Dress – Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Bag – Aldo
Earrings – c/o  This Enchanted Pixie

I received these amazing earrings from This Enchanted Pixie along with a necklace and planned an outfit around both pieces *you’ll see that soon*, but they’re just so amazing that I couldn’t resist sneaking them into this outfit first.  I’m so glad I did!  Not only did I receive two compliments on them, but they feel so great on that I just felt like I had a little something extra, you know?  Personally, I think that these yellow ones are just too cute for words, so I suggest you grab them and rock them!

Bright colors are so hot for winter.  They’re no longer reserved just for Spring and Summer, and I’m so thankful because, as you can tell, I can’t resist a bold splash of color in the middle of a grey and cold February. I think what I like most about it is that it’s unexpected.  Not many expect to see such bright colors especially in downtown Toronto in a business district.  I know I turned a few heads because of that, but hopefully I brought at least a smile to one.

True Story:
Baby pulled out a bag of baby carrots from the fridge, and methodically bit into each and every one. 
Then handed each and every one to me.  
She expects them to be soft – like when cooked – and had a puzzled expression on her face as to why they were hard and crunchy.

Saturday Smiles: Growth


Top – Trove; Pants – Le Chateau; Necklace – Lulus; Boots – Locale; Bag – hand me down.

Okay, time for another Saturday Smiles.  These are going to be challenges for me, because to be perfectly frank I’m a realist verging on the pessimist.  That means the glass is either half empty, or it’s just there regardless of your interpretation.  But in the spirit of change, and in the desire to have a more positive vibe around me I’m going to do this all year in the hopes that every time it’ll be easier and easier to find 3-5 things I’m thankful for or that made me smile.  And who knows, maybe soon I’ll have trouble keeping it down to ten!   Here it is, Saturday Smiles.

  1. Hope and change – without which I would be forever stagnant. 
  2. This skirt – the bow just made me grin!
  3. Chocolate – honestly, I think I may have to ban this one from the list soon…it’s kind of a given.
  4. My treadmill – running keeps me sane!
  5. Katie’s comment on my Funny Face post where she says I’ve been reminding her of Audrey Hepburn.
True Story:
Standing in the tub, Baby tries to find her belly button.   
She leans so far forward she face plants straight into the tub of water.  
Cue shocked baby face, “Uh-oh!”

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Windy And Animated


Skirt – c/o Emerging Thoughts; Top – hand me down; Cardi – Tulle from Ruche; Hair Bow – Ruche; Belt – F21; Tights – Hue; Boots – Locale.

Have you guys checked out Emerging Thoughts? This store has some seriously cool stuff there like this Tapestry Coat that I’m totally drooling over, or the Reality Bites Dress!  I want that dress just because it reminds me of the seminal film of my youth, you know what I’m talking about all you Ethan Hawke fans.  And for all us Canadian shoppers, they have really affordable shipping.  Bonus!

When I got this Uncle Phuncle skirt in the mail I was so excited to wear it because it has so many wonderful elements working for it.  It’s a clean simple grey color *and you know, that’s my ‘black’* it has a cute little bow, but it’s not too big, and it has a bit of a pouf but again, just the right amount.  Actually, that’s the first two things people said about – that it’s classic and poufy but just the right amount.   I have to say that I’m a big fan. My suggestion?  Hop your butts over to Emerging Thoughts and get yourself some of their sweet stuff.

Oh and what do you think of the animation?  It’s the first time I’ve used it, and it won’t become a regular feature, but for some reason it felt appropriate for the two photos used.  It was just a crazy photo taking moment with the wild wind and Baby chatting away, some movement had to be involved in this post!

True Story:
Baby has just discovered that when she closes her eyes 
and covers them with her hands she’s, “Gone! Gone!”
Don’t worry, she can come back. 
She just takes her hands off her eyes.


Top & Skirt – hand me down; Belt – F21; Shoes –

Hello beautiful people!  How I’ve missed you.  I’m finally feeling much better and my energy is almost completely up.  So, I’ll be back to my regularily scheduled posting. I’m also part of am amazing project launching on Monday, but I’ll give you those details tomorrow. 

It’s bright and sunny outside and I can’t wait to get out there with Baby and play in the park.  I’ve started a full body detox so I am having a few rough days as the worst part of the detox is right at the beginning, and my skin is going wild with acne.  But I know at the end it’ll be so worth it when I’m healthier and more energetic, and my skin will be a whole lot better too.  Have you changed anything recently?  Notice any difference?

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Bake something nutritious and delicious!

Textbook Mama

Sweater & Jacket – Jacob; Scarf – Street Stand; Arm Warmers – Ruche; Jeans – AE; Belt – ?; Shoes – Payless; Socks – Hue.

First off, I’m not usually one to wear turtlenecks – I kind of hate them – but I’ll make an exception for a black, soft knit fitted one. What I really like is pairing it with loose boyfriend jeans.  I like the contrast of sleek and loose and relaxed. It was a perfect outfit for playgroup. Husband called me a New York Bohemian.

But moving on.  I just had to share this with you.

A cool six week series has started at The Toronto Star examining childbirth all over the world.  They started with this focus article on Haiti.   This particular region was spared the earthquake devastation, and that makes this all the more unpalatable.

The conditions were shocking: no running water, no electricity, no sanitation, no ambulances, no operating rooms, and also therefore no c-sections.  Just women crammed into a dirty room in unsanitary conditions with one doctor for them all.  Needless to say, mortality for both Mother and Child is high. “More women die during childbirth in Haiti than in any other country in the Western Hemisphere…For every 100,000 live births, 630 Haitian mothers perish…In Canada, only seven die.” Haiti also holds the “regional record for infant mortality.”

Reading this article was like reading a piece of horror fiction.  My mind constantly asked, “Is this really happening in the world?” It’s scary to think.

I gave birth naturally here in Toronto, Canada in a pristine and sanitized hospital room surrounded by both family and two midwives, running water, a personal bathroom, doctors, medication, and an operating room ready and waiting should there be any complication.  I thought I had it bad because it hurt so much, felt like it went on forever, and I felt like my midwife pushed her beliefs a little too forcefully regarding how I should deliver.  *Really, I had a ‘textbook’ labor according to my midwives – perfect with no complications* Now, after reading these conditions I count myself blessed.  I gave birth in a situation where I knew that my chances of living, and my baby’s chances of living, were extremely high no matter the possible complications.

I can’t imagine delivering under those circumstances.  My heart bleeds for these brave women.  It grieves for them too, and their young lost babes.  It may be a little cliche, but I feel united with them because we are all women, we are all mother. There should be no reason for conditions like these in 2012.

Tomorrow’s Challenge:
Notice one thing you take for granted that others don’t have and give thanks for it – to God, the Universe, or whatever you may believe in. 
For my challenge yesterday I tried to barge my way in to four people’s offices for impromptu meetings.  It didn’t go so well: one wasn’t there, two I couldn’t get past the receptionist, and one actually met with me.  But at least I did it!

P.S. The winner of the Ruche giveaway is announced here. If you didn’t win, don’t worry I’ve got more giveaways coming up soon!

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