Top & Skirt – hand me down; Belt – F21; Shoes –

Hello beautiful people!  How I’ve missed you.  I’m finally feeling much better and my energy is almost completely up.  So, I’ll be back to my regularily scheduled posting. I’m also part of am amazing project launching on Monday, but I’ll give you those details tomorrow. 

It’s bright and sunny outside and I can’t wait to get out there with Baby and play in the park.  I’ve started a full body detox so I am having a few rough days as the worst part of the detox is right at the beginning, and my skin is going wild with acne.  But I know at the end it’ll be so worth it when I’m healthier and more energetic, and my skin will be a whole lot better too.  Have you changed anything recently?  Notice any difference?

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Bake something nutritious and delicious!