Category :Turquoise

Winery and Farm

On the way home we stopped at a farm and winery.

Put On That Dress

I went camping last week, as you may know if you follow on insta, but that did not mean that I put away my pretty pretty dresses.

Spock and Boho?

I love a flucy, flouncy skirt. *yes, I just made up a word*

Creating Friction

Change is never easy. It’s always an upward curve, a period of adjustment, etc. etc.

Why I Can’t Have Pretty Things

I bought myself an umbrella. Isn’t it a pretty umbrella? I think so.

New Views

No, the canal here isn’t necessarily pretty.

Update on Kicking The Habit

That first day wasn’t as rough as I expected.

April Showers and Whatever

Well you guessed it, the rain is here.

I’m Dreaming of You…

Snow on the ground. But.

A Day of Hours

This day was lovely. It was a little spontaneous too.

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