Change is never easy. It’s always an upward curve, a period of adjustment, etc. etc. So now with the changes that I’m making in terms of raising my self-worth and feeling beautiful *that I talked about here* there are changes happening in my relationships. Sure there are changes within my marriage, but that’s to be expected. The interesting thing is the changes happening to the way I look at and interact with other people – friends, acquaintances, etc. It’s interesting to see those relationships shift, and it’s also to see which ones are becoming less important, or that I’m realizing are unhealthy. Also, interesting to see those people which build me up but which I never noticed before.

Lots of change, which might create some friction. But hey, that’s part of the learning curve.

Top – Spell Designs
Skirt – House of Skye
Necklace – RawEcoJewelry
Shoes – Call It Spring