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Squad Goals: Help or Hinder?

Friends can make or break you. They say that you’re the average of your five closest friends. If that’s the case, how are you doing?

Financial Pleasure

We were talking about pleasure. You know what’s also pleasurable? Financial security. Some of us are more fiscally and financially motivated. We live in a culture of consumer debt. That does NOT mean this is a good thing. In fact, I read a statistic that says 46% Canadians are $200 away from insolvency. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Yes, This is About Climate Change

This month Toronto experienced some serious flooding from the huge storms we’ve had.

More Premieres

Had another fun premiere to go to of another film of mine.

The Quietest of Days

We spend our days in a whirlwind of hustle and bustle.

Secrets Under Party Dresses





Holiday In Tahiti Printed Dress By MM Couture
  & Shoes – Ruche // Earrings – I forget 

Ready to go out for the evening, and have some fun, I donned this little dress, and got my bike ready.  See a pretty dress and fast and constant *think 40 minutes each way on average* cycling do go together when you hide those ever-so-practical bike shorts under the dress.  That’s kind of what I love.  Many people are surprised as to how I bike around the city for months on end in flirty dresses without exposing myself.  My secret?  Short and tight bike shorts.  Guaranteed that even if I fall off my bike my knickers will be nice and covered.   Not only smart, but also hilarious when in answer to their question, I quickly lift my skirt, and for that tiny moment before they see the shorts, they don’t know what to expect!
That’s just how I roll….on my bike…yeah, I’m funny sometimes.  
This clearly not being one of them. 

Dress For Your Girl

Dress & Bag – H&M //Shoes – I forget  //  Rings – F21  //  Earrings – very old, don’t remember where from
One of my girlfriends was having a birthday party at a fun bar.  There was going to be a great bunch of artists hanging out and having a wonderful night, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to celebrate the birth of one awesome lady. 
I thought about how we dress up for for boyfriends and for husbands, but I don’t think we dress up enough for our girlfriends.  They’re the ladies who are with us through ups and downs, and through all those boyfriends *and sometimes husbands* I think they deserve our effort to look our very best for them on their nights.  
So I made sure I put in effort for my girl, Vee.  I even wore heels.  Now that’s true friendship, am I right?

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Relinquishing to the Sun and Wind

Top – Motel Rocks//  Jeans – Gap  //  Belt – AE  //  Sandals – I forget  //  Sunnies – F21  //  Earrings – I forget.

Some days are just this whirlwind that is life, and I relinquish myself to the air.  This day I spent time recording a self-tape audition for a tv series, biked in glorious heat across town while listening to a Star Trek audiobook, spun and reveled in outfit self-portraits while the folks over the security cameras probably laughed, fenced and fought for a few hours, and biked again while the city sighed under the cool evening.  
Days like this I try not to think and just enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of the physical exertions and the sun and wind on my skin.

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