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Random Sundays: Last Blast in NYC

Heading out from my sister’s.

I’m finally back today.  I got in very early and I’m a little delirious from the exhaustion.  But happy.  I loved New York, but I have to say that I wouldn’t want to live there.  First off, the roaches.  I can’t stand those.  But more so, it’s about Baby.  I know people raise kids in the city and do so very well, but for me there’s not enough green space.  Yes, there’s the park, but other than that most playgrounds are jungle-jims with concrete.  I like that two minutes walk from my house in one direction there’s a pond, and in the other a park with green grass and swings.  And more importantly, that I have a backyard and not just a balcony.  Again, that’s just my opinion.  You may disagree, and that’s totally cool.

These are things I never would’ve thought about earlier, but I notice them now.  So New York, you’re awesome and so much fun, but let’s just be friends and nothing more serious than that.

Because as far as fun, New York was great.   Here’s a few more pics of my last day’s adventure.

At a greasy spoon diner for brunch.

I love a greasy brunch!  Mmmm….bacon….coffee.

Saturday flea market in Park Slope.

Vintage pin-ups anyone?
And the best part?  Pie at 4&20 Black Birds.  Delicious!!
True Story:  
Someone, not naming any names, decided that it was a reeeeally good idea to poo during her bath today.  And then got reeeeally upset when I immediately took her out of the dirty bath water.

Second To Last

Brooklyn Heights Promenade.
River Cafe by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shirt, Dress & Bracelet – F21; Dress – H&M; Sandals – Zellers.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of my day yesterday.  For some reason, I don’t know why, my camera didn’t pop into my brain all that much.  I spent most of my day in Brooklyn.  Walking in the Historic District of Brooklyn Heights, then Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and finally ending up in Park Slope.  I saw a lot of people and got a feel for the neighborhoods.  But I do apologize for not snapping enough photos. 

As I start my last day here I’m happy.  I’m happy for the chance to get away and have quiet time.  When I was single I spent a lot of time just walking and thinking.  Now with all the demands of my full life I don’t often get that chance.  So it was nice to just walk up and down streets come what may.

I’m physically tired – my feet hurt, and I can’t sleep on my sister’s broken, lumpy futon – but I feel mentally refreshed and ready to jump back into my everyday.  And I’m more than ready to see my three darlings – Baby, Husband, and Dog.  My video chat with them this morning was rough and short-lived.  Baby started crying when she saw me.  I guess it was too much to see me but not be able to get to me.  I know how you feel honey. 

So now, I’m heading out for my last day here. 
It was fun New York, while it lasted, but I’m ready to go now.  Thanks for a great time!

P.S. I’m now ending all of my posts with either a True Story – something that happened that day – or a Quote of the Day – something I heard someone say that day.

Quote of the Day:
“You see what you want to see”

Laughing At Myself

My sister caught me as I tripped and was not-at-all-graceful.

Dress & Belt – F21; Sandals – Zellers.

I can’t help but laugh when I trip and generally act clumsy.  It happens to me a lot, so I’ve learned to embrace that particular character trait and I’ve even come to love it a bit.  It’s what makes me who I am.  I can be all poise and grace, until I fall over my own feet.  And I don’t even try to act like nothing happened.  It’s just too funny not to laugh.

Tattoos, Sex, And Shakespeare

A fun sight in Soho.

I have to say that I had an amazing day today!  I spent the whole day walking around Soho and the Village and had a blast talking to people and seeing lots of sights.  But the highlight of my day was the night.  I went to a private invitation-only event at the Museum of Sex and had a blast chatting with folks, seeing sex exhibits about sex in comics, sex in the animal kingdom, etc., and of course the free drinks and food was delicious!  Also, I was photographed as well.  Check out some shots…

A new friend and I got matching tattoos – don’t worry they’re fake.

This is us doing our “Blue Steel.”

On the L-train home we were privy to a subway car performance of a scene from King Lear.  Always a good time!

Shakespeare on the subway.

NYC Day Two Outfit

Dress – Kimichi; Belt – F21; Bag – altered by me; Sandals – Zellers.

This dress is a purchase I made at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn.  I loved that thrift store and the fact that I picked this up for $15 was awesome!  It was really hot, and the good thing about this dress is that it’s mostly cotton so it breathes.

NYC Day Two

So yesterday was so much fun.  I walked through central park and then bummed around the upper east side.  There was an apartment on Fifth avenue that was being re-done.  So I started chatting to the workers and they allowed me inside this rich place to see what it looked like.  And indeed it was beautiful.  I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a Fifth Avenue apartment, and they are swoon worthy! 

Near Bethesda Fountain.

Yes, I went there.  Audrey is my icon.

Delicious little french cafe that makes genuine macarons.
Hanging out with my sister and her friend.

New York, I’ve Arrived

Here’s some stuff from my first day in New York…

Cool building.

Fun street metal art.

Yes, I went shopping in Beacon’s Closet.  One dress has been added to my wardrobe.

Overpriced store with a beautiful display.
My obsession with Top Gear has caused me to pay attention to cars like never before.

Top – stolen from Mom; Dress – H&M; Sandals – Zellers; Bag – F21.

See you tomorrow!  I’ve got some good stuff planned.

In A New York Frame Of Mind

Hat & Ring – Ruche; Top, Sandal & Shorts – F21; Belt – H&M.

Top of the mornin’ to you.  I’m up bright and early, too early for my tastes, but as every Mother knows it’s not up to my tastes.  And last night marks the last time I’m going to sleep in my bed until next Sunday.  I’m New York bound!  Heading over to my sister’s place tonight.  so for the next while I’ll be posting from NYC.

I’ve been there a few times.  So here’s the question:  any hidden gems that I should check out?  Anything secret you’ve discovered that you’re willing to share with me?  See you in New York.

Road Trip: The Forgotten Shot

I took this shot with my phone camera on a walk in the woods after my battery died.  Needless to say, the walk was wonderful!

Dress 68: Does This Annoy You?

Jacket – Jacob; Sweater – made by my Babcia; Dress – Ruche; Leggings – F21; Boots – Ruche; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat.

I had a lovely morning to myself of editing photos, catching up on Criminal Minds and just plain old bumming around the house.  In the afternoon we went to Le Scandinave Spa.  It’s beautiful and relaxing place where you can enjoy a sauna, a steam room, outdoor heated pools and cool pools.  You basically sit around for hours in one place or another.

Now, it’s lovely. And Emily finds it very relaxing.  But I’m a very active individual.  I can’t sit still in one place for too long.  I get bored, antsy, fidgety, and then down-right annoying when I have nothing to do.  Needless to say, I kind of annoyed Emily.  Especially when she made me sit in the silent sauna and I got so fidgety that I unconciously started drumming on the boards with my fingers and she had to stop me.

So, though I enjoyed the experience as I’d never done anything like that before, I wouldn’t go back.  To me relaxing is a 10 mile hike, an hour massage, and a good meal.  Or a 10 mile run, followed by the other two.

It was time to head home.  I’ve enjoyed my time away, but I was just as happy to come home, and look at my little girl sleeping sweetly with her cute bum in the air.  I missed her.  I missed them all.

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