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Random Sundays: Kids

Taking advantage of a relatively warm afternoon, the ‘kids’ and I headed down to the pond to see what’s what.  Drake the Dog ran around like a mad pup on the frozen over pond, and he also slid around like a mad pup on the same.  He seemed really confused as to why he could now stand in this spot. 

Baby Girl was just upset that she couldn’t throw stones in the water.  She tried several times and got visibly frustrated that they bounced and skidded over the ice instead.

p.s. the winner of the giveaway will be picked on Tuesday.  Just an FYI.

Random Sundays: Backyardigan

Despite a cold, Baby Girl insisted on going out into the backyard.  
She worked real hard out there, moving the water from one puddle to the second puddle at the back of the yard.  
Once done, she declared,”I tired!”

Random Sundays: Deep Freeze

It’s freezing here.  I mean -21 degrees freezing.  It’s so cold that my little snow angel is out for a total of 10 minutes before she’s crying to come back in. 

She’s braver than me.  I didn’t even step out to get her back in the house.
What?!  She’s got two feet, she can use ’em.

I Effing Cooked!

I know, it’s never happened* before but it’s happening now.  I’m cooking. Actually, I’ve been motivated to move to a more vegetarian diet.  No, we’re not going completely vegetarian or vegan.  The goal is to just decreased our general meat intake and increase the amount of vegetarian dishes we create.  It’s a health and environmental move.  We’ve just been more educated on the environmental impact of the livestock industry.  That coupled with our desire for a more clean diet has moved me to cook.

It only took health, environment, and tons and tons of animal feces to do it.

*That’s a lie.  I have been known to cook before in my life though I deny, deny to tell you when and where and anyone who can testify against me is either dead or has the fear of me in them.

Drums Really Are Best Played On Your Head


When the snow came a while back, Baby Girl was delighted.  At first she didn’t know how to react and whether this was a good thing.  But as soon as she was shown what a snowball is the fun began! I love this girl.

Random Sundays: More Two Yr. Old Photography

Baby Girl has moved on from mostly finger shots – though there are still plenty of those – to photos of her balloon and creative self-portraits.  That, and pictures of the dog’s butt.

Random Sundays: Two Year Old Photographer

As is common in children, they want to be like their Mommy
or Daddy; so, Baby Girl recently confiscated our small point and shoot
camera.  When I opened the memory card of our little photographer these
are the gems I found.  
I never thought about it, but this is generally her morning view – Andrew cooking and me pouring my tea.   
Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite figured out that you need to take your
finger off the lens.  Result?  A whole bunch of finger shots. 
Followed by the inevitable foot shots.  
But my personal favorite is the finger and foot shot combined.  That’s what you get from a two year old photographer.  
At least her rates are reasonable.  
She works for chocolate.

Choo Choo!

Baby Girl loves trains recently.  Obsessed with them – shows, hearing them, seeing them on walks. 
And most recently, creating them in the kitchen out of chairs and stools.

Random Sundays: One Little Monkey…

…jumping on the couch.
Grandma comes over and….

…Two little monkeys jumping on the couch!

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