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Random Sundays: Getting a Little Side-Tracked is Good For the Soul

Hey guys, I know I usually have a hodge-podge assortment of photos for you on Random Sundays, but today I got totally side-tracked (in a good sort of way) and didn’t take any photos except for this one.  Husband, Baby, Drake the Dog, and I went to visit my Mom and Babcia.  And we ate too much good food, played cards, and I sorted through about thiiiiiiis many *see how much?* magazines to choose two more sweaters for my Babcia to make me.  All in all, I had a good day.  Hope you did too!

Goodnight! See y’all tomorrow!

Random Sundays: Decidely Domestic.

I’m telling you, Drake the Dog is such a media hog!

Sweater – H&M; Top – Vintage Havana; Tank – Smart Set; Leggings – Moto; Boots – Feet First

Last night I got to see some wonderful women.  And I realized that everyone was looking really cute.  Let me take you round the group:

A cute plaid dress with two little pleats in the back, a lavender wrap top tied in a sweet bow in back, a chic black and white abstract print dress, a hot pink off the shoulder jumper, skinny jeans with a circle chain, and a black mini with a cream off the shoulder top.  I’m tellin’ you I have some stylish friends!

Today was a really drab, damp, and grey day.  But I started off on a great high with two fabulous meetings back to back.  Nothing better than getting creative energy going early in the morning! the rest of the day calmed down into a decidedly domestic day.

Yup, it’s diaper laundry day at my house…fun.

But afterwards I was a little too drained from my lack of sleep to continue on the high.  So I crashed and took a really long hot shower.  I was going to run, but you know, when I don’t feel like it I don’t.  No biggie.

Baby’s asleep now, and it’s time to enjoy my Valentine’s Day dinner.  Good love all!  See y’all tomorrow!

Random Sundays: Music Video

Husband and the band setting up.

Husband setting up the equipment.

Hey all.  What did you do with your day today?  You did what?  Cool! 

Well, you know what I did?  Baby and I were in Husband’s music video shot today in downtown Toronto. 
It was great to see all that talent come together to shoot a song he wrote.  So proud of him. 

Now, I’m going to have a cup of Oh Canada! Rooibos tea and maybe watch some tv!

Good night!  See y’all tomorrow.

Random Sundays: Giggles And Naps

Last night before Baby went to bed she giggled for about half an hour.  With me doing various things – from tickling her, to making silly faces – she giggled and laughed uncontrollably.  It was absolutely adorable!  Seeing that cute face and hearing that sweet laugh is the best.  Oh and because of the rough nights I haven’t had the energy to workout, but last night as part of our giggle routine I did lunges and squats while holding Baby; she thought it was hilarious and this morning my bum is hurtin’!  Seriously, if you have a niece/nephew, grandchild, or baby do squats while holding them…you’ll be surprised how much your bum hurts the next day!

Awesome:  This morning I was sitting on the couch with my laptop and Baby was squirming around on my lap and couch and before I knew it she had pulled off her pants! Sitting here pant-less and happy as a clam!

Drake the Dog looking so darn cute!

Drake the Dog has been pooped lately from wrestling with my Mom’s equally little (but much older) shi-poo.

The sun made the sky look beautiful today.

The sun was so inviting on the bed, I decided to take a nap.

Even the doll wanted to catch some rays.

The sun shone wonderfully today…even though it was still cold outside.  Inside the whole house was lit up.

Baby is currently talking herself to sleep, my mint tea is steeping…and my Babcia made me apple cake! 

Good night!  See y’all tomorrow!

Random Sundays Follow Up: He Knows Me Too Well

Husband just called:
Him: Did she go to sleep fine?
Me: Yes
Him: What are you drinking?
Me: Scotch.
Him:  (in a knowing way) …And blogging. 
Me: Yup.
Him:  I’ll be home soon. Love you. 
Me: Love you too.

Random Sundays: The Sun Has Come Out to Tease

Frost on my upstairs window.
A shot from my backyard of everything lit up.

The morning visitor herself.
This morning the sun came out in all its glory.  It was so bright and beautiful that I had to run and grab my camera to preserve some of it and share it with you.  But the bright sunshine belied the truth…that it’s -29 degrees celsius out there with the wind chill.  Therefore, my plans to go out for a brief walk today with Baby have been shelved.  Instead, I had coffee, breakfast and finished it off with a little piece of Oreo fudge I have been saving for just the right moment.

Baby’s asleep right now.  I’m going to enjoy my Creme Caramel Roibos tea and read some blogs.  Have a great everyone!  See you all tomorrow!

Random Sundays: Carcassonne and Spiked Apple Cider

Drake the Dog

Miserable outside!

Today I thought it was a beautiful day outside, until I saw the temperature: -12 and feels like -22!  It’s freezing outside.  Even Drake the Dog was only outside for a short time today.  You know it’s cold when it’s too cold for him!  Unfortunately, I had to brave the weather to go to an audition.  But I’m glad I did.  It’s a role I want, so you do what you gotta do.   Afterwards I came home and needed to wamr up pronto!  And yes, I did wear a dress, but today is Random Sundays, so I’m saving the dress to show you tomorrow.

Later, two of our friends came over for games night.   On the agenda tonight: Carcassonne!

Playing games while drinking spiked cider.
Husband serving up the Brandy for those who wish to partake.

Games night was awesome, though we found out waaay too much about the love life of a certain couple.  And of course, an endless array of jokes ensued….all in good fun of course.  But the best part was when someone tried scotch for the first time in her life….


Yup, that’s right.  True candid reaction to scotch from my friend. It’s one of my favorite drinks ever; so, it’s amazing that even though, we’ve been friends for so many years and she’s never had it.  And as for the winner of games night?  Well, I don’t want to brag but…I WON! 

Random Sundays: A Little Bit Blue

Walking onto my brother-in-law’s street

Today was a hard day.  It wasn’t hard because any one thing in particular happened.  It wasn’t hard because because of the people I met or interacted with.  It was hard just because.  A lot of crap has happened lately (which I’m not going into because frankly I don’t want to go into the, “Woe is me!” thing, and because I know others have it much crappier) and it’s just got me down.  Maybe it’s also the time of year so I have trouble focusing on the joyful things.  But yeah, I’m feeling a bit blue. So, hopefully, you’ll pardon today’s brevity.  Better short and sweet, I think.

We went for lunch at my Brother-in-Law’s house.  They’re not there but my In-Laws are watching their boys so we went there to visit with them and to have dinner.  It was good.  Seeing family is always good.  But I think everyone was stressed and tired – or maybe I’m just projecting.

My Mother-In-Law checking a label

We had a good dinner and the kids all hung out. I was ravished having skipped lunch, so things tasted especially good to me.  You know nothing tastes as good as when you’re starving – doesn’t matter what it is – whether plain bread or juicy steak.

On the way home.

After we got home, Husband watched Baby while I took a really hot shower.  Now Baby’s put to bed and I’ve just finished a half glass of wine.  Maybe I’ll have another half glass.  Wine makes a blue day better!

Goodnight everyone!  See you all tomorrow!

Settlers of Catan: The Death Match!

Sorry guys, I missed a Sunday last week.  It’s the holidays and my mind went blank (which, yes, happens more than I like to admit).  But I’m back.  And today I even have two posts (this being the second) because not only is it random sundays, but it’s also the first day of my dress challenge.  So it’s a double whammy.

As I mentioned in today’s previous post, my Bestie came over and hung out with Drake the Dog and Baby.  She also took a lot of my clothes – which is cool. She made off with two whole bags worth of stuff (which is surprising because she’s got larger puppies than I do).   I got some really cute pictures (though I’m upset that my camera has not yet come ’cause I could’ve had even cuter pictures).  It’s hard to grab a good shot in focus because everyone is wriggling all the time! But I managed to get at least a few. 

Not too sure about Drake the Dog.

Then Her Man came over and hung out with Drake the Dog (though they don’t seem too sure of each other). And after we put Baby to bed we played Settlers of Catan.  And (oh yeah!)I won!

I won (yes, I had to say it again).  I told you – it’s on b@#%h!  I mean business when I play games.  Next time, Carcassone.  Good night all.  See you tomorrow.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

It’s a horrible day in Toronto.  It’s rainy and cold and not at all appealing.  It’s a day where you stay inside unless you absolutely have to go out and even then you think twice…maybe even three times.  So when Husband said we’re going out I was certainly not pleased.  So, not pleased, I grumbled certain expletives under breath while sipping my Earl Grey.  But alas, I got my butt in the shower and into clothes and headed outside.

And yes, I even managed to put on a smile.  I parted ways with Husband and Baby and headed dowtown today to an audition.  The whole thing went okay, but well..there’s always something you’re kicking yourself about and today was no different.  But on the way home I managed to put all doubts aside and let it go.  Once home I wanted to go for a run (love to run, by the way!) but Baby was sleeping in Husband’s arms and I had to feed her the second she woke up.  So I turned to Husband and asked, “What do I do?”  He answered, “Don’t you have a blog to write or something?” He knows me too well.

So it’s after my run (and yes, shower too) and I sit here writing.  Husband is making dinner.  Is it wrong that I love the fact that I don’t have to cook?  It’s not that I’m a bad cook; I’m just not a very interesting or interested one.  But I’m an avid eater – that I do well!

I think I’m going to have a problem with this girl.

It’s after dinner, Baby is asleep, and Husband and I are going to watch a movie now.  On a final random note it occurs to me, since I’m wearing a Wifebeater does that mean I have to hit myself?

Goodnight, see you all tomorrow!

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