Walking onto my brother-in-law’s street

Today was a hard day.  It wasn’t hard because any one thing in particular happened.  It wasn’t hard because because of the people I met or interacted with.  It was hard just because.  A lot of crap has happened lately (which I’m not going into because frankly I don’t want to go into the, “Woe is me!” thing, and because I know others have it much crappier) and it’s just got me down.  Maybe it’s also the time of year so I have trouble focusing on the joyful things.  But yeah, I’m feeling a bit blue. So, hopefully, you’ll pardon today’s brevity.  Better short and sweet, I think.

We went for lunch at my Brother-in-Law’s house.  They’re not there but my In-Laws are watching their boys so we went there to visit with them and to have dinner.  It was good.  Seeing family is always good.  But I think everyone was stressed and tired – or maybe I’m just projecting.

My Mother-In-Law checking a label

We had a good dinner and the kids all hung out. I was ravished having skipped lunch, so things tasted especially good to me.  You know nothing tastes as good as when you’re starving – doesn’t matter what it is – whether plain bread or juicy steak.

On the way home.

After we got home, Husband watched Baby while I took a really hot shower.  Now Baby’s put to bed and I’ve just finished a half glass of wine.  Maybe I’ll have another half glass.  Wine makes a blue day better!

Goodnight everyone!  See you all tomorrow!