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Inappropriate Things I Say

Top – F21; Dress – Lulus; Ring – Spotted Moth; Tights – Hue; Boots – Locale.

Oh goodness gracious my mouth gets me in trouble!  I’m one of those people who just says things, sometimes without thinking.   I say them because I think they’re funny, or true, or odd.  But sometimes I don’t realize what I’m saying until it’s far too late, and I can’t take it back.  I realize an hour afterwards that what I said could be totally interpreted in another way – a mean way, or inappropriate way.  And that’s not where I’m coming from at all.  I don’t mean anyone ill will, unless you’re that idiot on the crowded bus who’s shouting into his cellphone like the person is two football stadiums away. And even then, I don’t wish him ill will….maybe a hemorrhoid or two. But otherwise, I very much believe in live and let live. I just wish my mouth would get on board.

Really.  Please?  Will you just once, co-operate please?

I say stupid things a lot: wise-cracks, smart ass comments, sarcasms, inappropriate examples, dirty jokes, must I go on? Things that I regret or cringe at when I’m trying to fall asleep, and wish I could take back because they were stupid, dumb, embarrassing, TMI, or really just take your pick.  I wish that I could learn to hold my tongue.  I’ve been on this planet a certain number of years, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. 

I’m just thankful for the friends I have that have learned to see past this little flaw quirk of mine, and see that I’m fiercely loyal, trustworthy, dependable and well-meaning.  I have and will drop everything if a friend’s in need and be there to support you if you need it.  Just ignore the things I say which might be stupid, dumb, embarrassing, TMI, or really just take your pick.

Quote of Today:
“Take the dinosaur out of your face”

Everybody say, “Jump! Jump!”

I don’t know why wearing pleats makes it irresistible to jump. 
 But it does.

And twirl.
It’s hard to be serious, when you’re wearing something this fun!
Sweater – swapped; Belt – F21; Dress – Lulus; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

I’m really getting into red lately.  It’s a color I used to really stay away from.  Not sure why, maybe I just thought it was too bold?  But lately, I’ve been really embracing it.  It’s been a great love affair so far.  So when I won a shopping spree from I knew I just had to get myself a red dress.  The pleats and collar of this one instantly caught my attention!  There’s something very retro about it.  Plus, I love the mix of innocence and elegance.  Of course, it wasn’t the only thing I got, but you’ll just have to wait and see future outfit posts to see the other lovely things I nabbed.  

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Keeping the theme of jumping, do 20 minutes of cardio today.  Be creative!

Yesterday I was thankful for microwaves – so easy to heat things up, coffee – I just grab a cup, but I remember my parents telling me how scarce and prized it was when they were living in communist Poland, and hot water – a scalding hot shower sometimes just saves my day.

To Trick or Not To Trick?

Dress – vintage from Etsy; Belt – Spotted Moth; Boots – Feet First.

With Halloween coming up, I’ve started wondering.  When should you take your kids out?  I’m not taking Baby out this year because she can’t eat the candy, she probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate it, and she’ll probably get overwhelmed and/or scared of the whole thing and all the frightening sounds.  I want to take her out when she can understand and appreciate the whole fun process and know that it’s not real – just fun.  But that’s where I’m coming from.  What do you guys think?  When did you take your babes out for the first time? 

And on the flip side, when do you let your kids go out alone?  I read this article in the Globe and Mail and found it quite interesting food for thought.  What age should we be trusting our babes out alone?  9,10, 11? Finally, when do you think the cut-off for trick or treating should be?  When are you too old to trick or treat?

These are certainly some things I have never considered before becoming a parent.  And now that I’m here, all these decisions are on my mind.  And I try to do what’s right for me, but it’s difficult to hold strong in the face of judgement from other parents who think that what they do is what everyone should do.  Have you experienced this during Halloween too?

Quote of Today:
“‘Cause everybody needs a good cape.”

Underwear Undercover

At the Movieola Studio in between segments.

Hat – F21; Shirt and belt – thrifted; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Payless.

It’s summer and everyone is shedding layers.  But the warm months have exposed a terrible thing I’ve been witnessing on the street – bad underwear choices.  Outfits are 360 degrees.  The world sees us all the way around and not just from the front or side.  And not every outfit goes with with multicolored tight undies.  I’ve seen the underwear abuse everywhere lately.  The reason it gets me so adamant is that it ruins an otherwise cute outfit.  Further, it makes the offending lady look a little trashy, unkempt, and makes her figure look less beautiful.

Consider this, a young mom was walking down the street ahead of me pushing a stroller. She had a cute messy ponytail going for her, a figure that, though not sports illustrated material *but really who is, am I right??* , was quite attractive, and she had a simple and sweet maxi dress on. *which I love for new moms in the summer*  So she could’ve had everything going for her.  Except.  She had tight orange underwear on.  How do I know it was orange?  Because it showed through her dress.  How did I know it was tight?  Because it was cutting into her bum, legs, and hips.  So the whole cute image, and the long lean line of the dress, was ruined.  It’s the details that separate chic from not.  And it’s important to consider your outfit from the top layer to the bottom.

If you’re a mom, don’t wear a black bra with a white top. *this is a trend I see on teenage girls today, and in my opinion it just looks cheap on anyone*  Don’t wear tight orange underwear with a slightly sheer jersey dress.  Soft thongs are great, as are seamless panties.  And the mantra is nude, nude, nude!  If you’re wearing an outfit like the one I am above, where there’s volume and the skirt is fully lined you can wear any underwear you like – mine are dark grey bikini style, by the way.  And most importantly make sure it fits.

Okay, that’s it.
Rant over.
Thank you for listening.
I’m here all week.  Please remember to tip your waitress.

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