Hood/Scarf – Smart Set; Top – Everhart; Cardi – Aritzia; Leggings – Lululemon; Legwarmers – ?; Shoes – Payless.

Had a callback for a film.  It was a little weird, but hey they didn’t ask me to do anything compromising so whatever.  Hopefully I get it.  It’s a feature length film, and it would be really nice to get onto a set for a longer duration.  So fingers and toes crossed.

And when I got home, not only was there dinner waiting for me.  But!  There were also homemade chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter.  Oh yeah.  Now that’s a man who knows how to get to a woman’s heart.

Well, diamonds work too.

True Story:
Baby now eats with a fork and spoon at the dinner table in a booster seat.  
No more high chair. 
She’s growing up!