Hat & Leggings- F21; Arm Warmers – Ruche; Top – Trixie in Toronto; Dress – H&M; Leg Warmers – ?; Shoes – Thrifted.

Chocolate is officially off the list!  Only because I’m banning it, not because it doesn’t make me smile.

  1. The commercial shoot I did earlier this week – felt good to be on set, and felt great to book the first audition my new agent sent me on. 
  2. Red Earmuffs!
  3. Grandparents – thanks to which I could go to auditions, callbacks and shoots! 
  4. Foot massages – with the whiny baby I’ve had this week these have been a lifesaver.
  5. Days spent bumming around in slubby sweatshirts *see picture above*

True Story:
Baby and I both have tea *mint tea* in the afternoon, me in my mug and her in her antique china teacup.