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A Week in Washignton DC

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Andrew on one of his business trips – this time to Washington DC.

That Perfect Standby

Everyone is obsessed with the new.


Everyone has their go-to, or rather a few go-tos.

Biker Gear


No trip to Port Dover, Ontario would be complete without picking up some kick ass leather halter.

It’s a beach town with a unique mix: hippie dippie types *my peeps*, retirement destination, and bikers. Friday the 13th – bikers from everywhere gather here, hence there’s a heavy influence on the town year round. I really loved seeing the surf shops and boho shops right next to all the biker bars, and bike shops. Just fantastic!

So what does that mean? It means I’m loving all the leather vests and biker gear, and could not leave without at least one awesome piece.

It had fringe, so the deal was done.



Top – On the Fringe Leather

Why Ask Why





Shirt & Leather like pants – Zara  //  Boots – Call It Spring  // Black cuff – EBay  //  Grey Metal Bracelet – Threadsence

Remember when I told you we’re firmly in that “Why” stage?  Well, it’s truly and firmly engraved.  Changing her diaper while she was sleeping, I rolled her over and she ejected a spontaneous “why?!” in her sleep.

I whispered, “Because it stinks.”

Pretty sure she didn’t hear me though.

Nothing New, Nothing Old

Jacket & Tights – F21
Dress – ModCloth
Belt – H&M
Boots – Ruche

Everything old is new again, or more specifically, nothing gets old in my closet. I’ve had all these items for years.  Except the tights.  They’re about six months old and $5 at F21.  I love recombining older things in new ways.  Really I would say that’s the secret behind real style: being able to constantly create unique looks with existing items.

Now yes, sometimes you’ll hit on a combo you really like, and by all means repeat that.  And yes, there is a finite number of combinations that look good together, but then you work within that *rather large* finite number of combinations.    All I’m saying is that style comes from the ability to combine and create within the given set of materials.

Of course, that’s not to say I have style.  I just have an idea of what style is.

True Story:
I come home.  
No welcome. 
I go into the kitchen and see two bums facing me.  
No welcome.
Both Andrew and Baby Girl are at the counter focused on cooking. 
I say, “Hi.”  They both turn to briefly look at me and turn back. 
He’s busy chopping.  She’s busy peeling the shells off hard boiled eggs. 
Welcome home Mama… I guess. 

Mama’s Gonna Go Lose Her Breakfast

 Jacket – F21
Shirt – Lucca Couture
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence
Sunnies – Lace Affair

Okay last summer I did a rant about unsightly pantie lies, and this year it seems the rants are starting early because I have a grievance to air with you ladies.  Don’t leave the house in a sheer dress without a slip.  I have no need, or any desire, to see the exact pattern on the g-string you decided to wear with you chiffon white summer dress.  Check yourself in a mirror under proper light, please!  Don’t assume that two layers of sheer chiffon equal one non-see through layer of another material because they don’t!

I don’t care what lovely shape you may be in, Mama’s gonna go loose her breakfast over that!

Thank you, rant done.  We now return to our regularly scheduled program…how’s your week?

Quote of Today:
“That’s a dangerous angle to approach me from tonight.”
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