Back from Cuba, and back to the cold. Luckily, by being away, I happened to miss some of the coldest days this Winter. I couldn’t have been more thankful. Since getting back though, it seems there’s stress upon stress. Both good and bad, but you know when you’ve gone away and just two weeks later you feel like you need another vacay?  Yeah, that’s where I am. If y’all follow on instagram you might be seeing me posting quotes about rest and breathing.

I’m reminding myself. All is manageable as long as you breathe and take it one small moment at a time.




Now a little something special doesn’t hurt either. The folks from Happiness Boutique sent me this gorgeous necklace, and I’m telling you, it’s pretty cool. Putting it on made me feel a little bit special that day, which was exactly what I needed.  I’m not saying you need to go shopping when you feel bad, ’cause that can create a different kind of stress. I am saying that it helps to find small ways to make yourself smile – a bubble bath, a piece of chocolate, a fantastic dress in your closet that you’ve been putting off wearing, or a great necklace.

It’s all about giving yourself those little doses of happiness when you can.

Oh, and Happiness Boutique is offering ModaMama readers 10% off any orders over 19 euros until April 2nd. Just use code “modamamablog” at checkout. Pretty cool if you want to get yourself just a little bit of happiness.



Skirt – Amilita

Top – thrifted

Cardigan – Le Chateau

Necklace – c/o Happiness Boutique

Hat – Anthropologie

Boots – ThreadSence