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Fringe in February

Sweater- C’est Moi via Trixie  //  Dress – 8000 Nerves via ModCloth  //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – Feet First
Necklace – Threadsence  //  Belt – thrifted

So two things have happened.  One, I’ve gotten tired of February keeping me in pants with long johns or tights underneath.  And two, I finally got up the nerve to wear my ModCloth stylish surprise dress and in the middle of a frostbiting blustery day.  And I nearly froze my fingers off again taking these pictures.  So I guess that’s three things.

Pardon the wrinkled nature of the dress.  I did have it on all day with the babe, through the ordeal of forgetting items and running back to the house then back to the bus, and a test shoot with a very lovely lady.  While we’re on the subject of the dress, I love it.  It’s one of those pieces I never would’ve chosen myself but now it seems to fit seamlessly into the shifting aesthetic of my style. 

If you haven’t noticed ModaMama is moving ever so subtly away from sweet dressing and more into a boho style lately.  Maybe I shouldn’t say it outright, maybe that’s some bloggers faux pas, but I find myself drawing away from certain sweet items like Peter Pan collars in favor of fringe and loose fitting soft materials.  Who knows.  One thing I love about fashion is it’s ever evolving reflection of the changing nature of our selves. 

Contestant on ANTM

Cardi – Yumi
Top – Anthropologie
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence
Earrings – c/o This Enchanted Pixie
Necklace – F21
Ring – Ruche

I finally got my hair cut.  And I hate it.  I asked for one thing and got a totally different thing.  It looks fine when it’s all curled and such, but when it’s straight it’s exactly what I didn’t want.  Yes, I shed some tears.  No, I’m not going back to get it fixed because I would need to lose about five inches to get what I want, and I’m not willing to do that.  
Now, I realize that there are bigger things in the world like people dying, children starving,  and I’m in no way saying that my terrible haircut holds a candle to that. I have perspective.  All I’m saying is   I’m upset that I asked for one thing, and instead have what she thought I should have.  And it sucks.  It really sucks. 
I feel like that contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  You know the one I’m talking about.
This whole post was brought to you by one pouting woman who assumes that you care about my hair, which you probably don’t, and that’s okay. 

I’m Not Here

Necklace & Sunnies – F21
Dress – from Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat

This week I’m away in B.C. for my friend Emily’s wedding.  I’m taking pictures and making more CoffeeTalk vids and I’ll share all that with you when I return *I’m working on the assumption that you guys enjoy that sort of stuff. If you don’t, well…sorry I got nothing*  
The magic of pictures and falling way behind on outfit posts due to giveaways and the two linkys that I’ve ever done (please see below) is that I get to share these nuggets with you while I’m still away!  Neat huh?  Okay, maybe not that neat. 
Maybe I’m just easily amused.

True Story:
Seeing Baby Girl’s little bum wiggle as she runs for the pool and the ruffles on her bathing suit sway in time is perhaps the cutest thing I’ve seen all month.

*Re: Linkys – this will not be a common thing – so please don’t expect it – tomorrow is a linky that will run once every two months and that’s the only one I plan to do. Sorry, but linkys on ModaMama is not what I’m about.  It’s nothing personal against those who run them.  I enjoy them on other blogs.  It just doesn’t ring true to me.  Thank you for your understanding.*

A New Kind Of DIY

Sunnies & Hat – F21
Dress – Ruche

Went to the wading pool with Baby.  Technically we weren’t allowed in the pool, but who’s going to listen to “technically” on such a beautiful day.  It was all fine and dandy until she slipped face first into the water and came up screaming from the fear.  She immediately lunged into my arms and I held a scared, shocked, and soaking wet toddler to me until she calmed down. 
In other DIY news, to cool down immediately hold a scared, shocked, and soaking wet toddler to yourself until she calms down.  Your whole front will be wet and cool for the next foreseeable future.
p.s. clearly the fall didn’t leave a lasting impression since all these photos were taken afterwards and there’s still a fierce wading pool determination in her. 

I Swear I’m Not Naked!

Dress – Threadsence
Cardi – Yumi
Shoes – Payless
Sunnies – Lace Affair
Bracelet/Necklace – c/o TwillyPop
Sometimes you don’t really notice what you look like until you see a picture.  Now, I would like to think that had I had a full length mirror, I would’ve noticed that I look totally naked underneath this dress.  I assure you, I was not!  I had on a nude colored bra, and skin tight, nude booty shorts.  But despite my covering up underneath, the sheerness and the silhouette created do indeed project that image and therefore I find it indecent.  A half slip is being purchased as we speak.  
However a misfortune this incident was, I have to share how much I’m adoring this necklace.   It’s gorgeous! And I think it walks the line of simple and chic while still being a stand out item.  What’s great about it is that it’s so flexible you can do whatever you like with it.  I often get a rebel-without-a-cause satisfaction out of wearing things the way they’re not ‘supposed’ to be worn.  That, coupled with the fact that it was so humid I couldn’t bear to have anything on my neck for more than 15 minutes, resulted in the move of this piece to my wrist and my wearing it as a bracelet for the rest of the day.  It’s gorgeous, and not only did I get compliments on the dress, I got more than a few complimentary looks at my wrist.  
True Story:
Baby spilled something.  
She went around to the other side of the bed to get a kleenex to wipe it up.  
On the way back, she was distracted by something Andrew said to her.  
Once done, she looked back in the direction she had been originally going and stood there. 
She had totally forgotten her determined and resolute mission.  S
he stood there for several moments clearly trying hard to recall what it was she had been so focused on.  Then she dropped the Kleenex, did a 180 and walked away. 
Her mission aborted. 

Heart On My – Bee!

Cardi – Yumi
Scarf – street stand
Dress – Bloom
Belt – F21
Shoes – Payless

So I was totally going to call this post “Heart On My Sleeve” in reference to the hearts on my cardigan, and I was going to talk about something sweet, but here’s a better story:

See that last picture where I’m looking all profound and philosophical?  Yeah, well just as the timer was going off on my camera I happened to hear a noise and noticed a bee flying dangerously close to me.  So the picture was totally forgotten while I focused in curiosity, indecision, and growing terror as the bee started a slow trajectory towards me.

Soon afterwards, I gave a high-pitched yelp, grabbed my camera and ran inside the house.  I’m just thankful I had the wherewithal to remember the camera!  Though in hindsight, I doubt the camera was a panicked as I was.

Give me zombies and I’ve got sword and gun expertise, but don’t you dare face me with a bee.

*Hangs head in shame*

Quote of Today:
“You know those things expire every decade or so right?”

And A Good Morning

Sweater – Trixie in Toronto
Dress – Ruche
Boots – Threadsence
Socks, Necklace & Hat – F21
Baby Girl spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and we got a whole afternoon and night to ourselves.  We both got to sleep in and are having a leisurely morning today.  As much as I missed her last night I really appreciate the much needed solace and break we’re currently enjoying.  Now I’m going to have breakfast and then a long, glorious run.  I’m enjoying the day, before I’m on set again tomorrow. 
Happy Friday!
True Story:
I woke up at 8:30am!! 
*does a little celebration happy dance*

Colors, Oh My!

Sweater – hand me down
Belt & Tights – F21
Dress – Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Bag – Aldo
Earrings – c/o  This Enchanted Pixie

I received these amazing earrings from This Enchanted Pixie along with a necklace and planned an outfit around both pieces *you’ll see that soon*, but they’re just so amazing that I couldn’t resist sneaking them into this outfit first.  I’m so glad I did!  Not only did I receive two compliments on them, but they feel so great on that I just felt like I had a little something extra, you know?  Personally, I think that these yellow ones are just too cute for words, so I suggest you grab them and rock them!

Bright colors are so hot for winter.  They’re no longer reserved just for Spring and Summer, and I’m so thankful because, as you can tell, I can’t resist a bold splash of color in the middle of a grey and cold February. I think what I like most about it is that it’s unexpected.  Not many expect to see such bright colors especially in downtown Toronto in a business district.  I know I turned a few heads because of that, but hopefully I brought at least a smile to one.

True Story:
Baby pulled out a bag of baby carrots from the fridge, and methodically bit into each and every one. 
Then handed each and every one to me.  
She expects them to be soft – like when cooked – and had a puzzled expression on her face as to why they were hard and crunchy.
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