Cardi – Yumi
Scarf – street stand
Dress – Bloom
Belt – F21
Shoes – Payless

So I was totally going to call this post “Heart On My Sleeve” in reference to the hearts on my cardigan, and I was going to talk about something sweet, but here’s a better story:

See that last picture where I’m looking all profound and philosophical?  Yeah, well just as the timer was going off on my camera I happened to hear a noise and noticed a bee flying dangerously close to me.  So the picture was totally forgotten while I focused in curiosity, indecision, and growing terror as the bee started a slow trajectory towards me.

Soon afterwards, I gave a high-pitched yelp, grabbed my camera and ran inside the house.  I’m just thankful I had the wherewithal to remember the camera!  Though in hindsight, I doubt the camera was a panicked as I was.

Give me zombies and I’ve got sword and gun expertise, but don’t you dare face me with a bee.

*Hangs head in shame*

Quote of Today:
“You know those things expire every decade or so right?”