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CoffeeTalk Vlog: Vegan…Sort Of

Hey guys.  So we’re more Vegan here, and you can watch the vid to find out a little bit about why.

Also, here’s the links to the cookbooks I mention :  ReFreshFresh, Juice For Life, and Veganomicon.  And the mask on my face is Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque.

CoffeeTalk: Skin Care

Here’s the summary:

On my super sensitive, acne prone, dry skin,  I use only natural products  – those made with no added fragrances, and with all or as many organic ingredients possible.  I’m a Pure+Simple brand loyalist and recently have been using their Damage Care line that I just love. Really, I should be their spokesperson considering how exclusively I use their products.  Along with the Rosehip Mask, but for tough acne fighting I use the DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask. *which I can’t find the link to on Sephora because it’s been discontinued, but that’s where I got it. So I’ll be getting just a simple bentonite clay mask as that’s what I used before.*

p.s. I am wearing a dress today for Dressember, but you may not necessarily see it as this has pre-empted that program. Sorry! And come back tomorrow for the dress link up.

p.p.s.  Andrew was worried that some of you may think he’s abusive due to thinking that he’s a “toe dislocator.” *as he calls it* So to clarify, I dislocated my toe when I slipped and tripped on a pair of his pajama pants and slammed into his nightstand.  So he’s not abusive, just pathologically messy.

CoffeeTalk: My Diet and Exercise

Hey guys,  so today’s vlog is possibly my most straight up one ever.   Not intentionally.  I was so rushed and busy that I didn’t check my other angles and it wasn’t until I went to edit that I realized it was all really, really blurry.  So here’s just the straight up, no strange cut-aways video.

I’m talking about my diet and exercise, in answer to a lovely reader question.

Summary:  Use common sense, get educated, eat well, and move.

CoffeeTalk: Smile, You’re Going to Die

Morbid title I know.  But the summary is that it doesn’t matter, so the only thing that matters in out lives is today and the relationships we form.  So relax and enjoy!

CoffeeTalk: Spicing Things Up!

What do you do when someone asks, “How do you keep things spicy?”
You answer.
Or at least I do.

CoffeeTalk Vid: Mama’s Gone! Giveaway

Mama’s not paying attention.  She’s busy celebrating and doing a happy dance in thanks for all the wonderful readers she has.  So I’ve taken over the blog!  Yippee!!

  Baby Girl

*Update! Scavenger Hunt is finished, but don’t worry there’s still stuff to win*
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To find it start clicking on the nav bar.  Visit my pages, my other sites and click around on the tabs and nav bars.  It’s somewhere in there. There’s five up for grabs – so only five will get it!

Happy hunting!

p.p.s.  Don’t worry.  I’ll still give you a chance to win something else!  Enter below. 

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CoffeeTalk: Inside My Closet

One person asked to see inside my closet, and though this one may not be as funny as other CoffeeTalks, I’m yours to command.

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CoffeeTalk Vlog: Caffeine-Free Rhapsody

I’m better with caffeine in the morning. 

Pass the brew.

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Coffee Talk: Crazy Mama Drama

So yeah, my life is perfect! You believe me, right?



*more crickets*


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Coffee Talk: Thoughts On A Plane

Some random thoughts about being on a plane, and an update on how the wedding went.
They did get married in the end – the Officiant showed up 10 minutes late.
Perhaps it’s not as zany as some other ones, but hey, I never said I was funny.

In fact, I think I have expressly denied having any sense of humor at all…on several occasions.
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*Disclaimer:  I say “douchebag” twice, and not in reference to the actual item.*

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