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Coffee Talk: Making A Vlog?

I got a question about how I make my vlog. Here’s my process, if you can call it that.

1. Record everything – I record my train of thought as it occurs.
2. I import to a program.
3. Then cut to make it flow like it does in my brain.

Not much of a process, but that’s what I do.
Questions?  Have something you want to see on the next Coffee Talk?  Leave a comment, tweet, FB, or email me. *Disclaimer:  I do have makeup on in this one ’cause Andrew and I took a few pictures just before, but then I got promptly back into my PJs!*

Coffee Talk : Posing

So I gave in and did a Vlog after all.  Here’s the first of *possibly* many Coffee Talks. 
It all depends on your feedback, really
If you can’t see the video click here.

* Keep it simple and natural.
* People watch. 
* Read magazines
* Channel Tyra and play!
* Take lots of pictures – you can always delete.
* Work your angles – hips, waist, shoulders, head turned, twisted – never square on.
* Hands on waist, or in belt loops.
* Weight on one leg

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