Mama’s not paying attention.  She’s busy celebrating and doing a happy dance in thanks for all the wonderful readers she has.  So I’ve taken over the blog!  Yippee!!

  Baby Girl

*Update! Scavenger Hunt is finished, but don’t worry there’s still stuff to win*
p.s.  Ready for a scavenger hunt?  Are you a blog/shop owner who’d love free ad space for a month?  Well, somewhere on my internet universe I’ve hidden a promo code for one month of free ad space on ModaMama.  Find it and use it on the ‘Cool’ ad space on ModaMama!

To find it start clicking on the nav bar.  Visit my pages, my other sites and click around on the tabs and nav bars.  It’s somewhere in there. There’s five up for grabs – so only five will get it!

Happy hunting!

p.p.s.  Don’t worry.  I’ll still give you a chance to win something else!  Enter below. 

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