Here’s the summary:

On my super sensitive, acne prone, dry skin,  I use only natural products  – those made with no added fragrances, and with all or as many organic ingredients possible.  I’m a Pure+Simple brand loyalist and recently have been using their Damage Care line that I just love. Really, I should be their spokesperson considering how exclusively I use their products.  Along with the Rosehip Mask, but for tough acne fighting I use the DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask. *which I can’t find the link to on Sephora because it’s been discontinued, but that’s where I got it. So I’ll be getting just a simple bentonite clay mask as that’s what I used before.*

p.s. I am wearing a dress today for Dressember, but you may not necessarily see it as this has pre-empted that program. Sorry! And come back tomorrow for the dress link up.

p.p.s.  Andrew was worried that some of you may think he’s abusive due to thinking that he’s a “toe dislocator.” *as he calls it* So to clarify, I dislocated my toe when I slipped and tripped on a pair of his pajama pants and slammed into his nightstand.  So he’s not abusive, just pathologically messy.