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CoffeeTalk: Tips For Packing Light

Today I’m sharing some simple tips for packing and traveling light.

1. Check the weather – and plan ahead acordingly
2. Plan out all your outfits on your bed, by each day.
3. Have one travel outfit that is easily copied with one simple change.
4. Mix & Match – try to maximize layering pieces to re-wear and re-mix.

CoffeeTalk: Posing With A Baby Bump

1. When posing with a growing belly please remember to be safe first and foremost.  Keep feet separated, take it slow, and avoid moving or risky poses.
2. Then shift weight on the back leg, and create twist and interest using your shoulders instead of your waist.
3. And never ever do that one cliche pose. 

See the original CoffeeTalk on Posing too. 

CoffeeTalk Vlog: It’s Been So Darn Long!

I know it’s been forever *not really, but I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect* since I last vlogged.  Here’s why that is.  And a moment to thank you all as well for everything you’ve done.

Links mentioned:   Instagram  and my official Joanna Haughton Site, and Acting Blog.   Plus, the feature film I’m producing, Synchronicity.

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Coffee Talk: Some Things You Can’t Vlog

I was going to vlog like usual.  But then this happened, and well, some things I just can’t describe to you.
I have to show you.
Some mornings are bliss.

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Coffee Talk Vlog: Wearing Bold Outfits

One reader asked where I get the confidence to wear such bold outfits daily.  I answered with my perspective on day to day style.

Coffee Talk: You’re The Best!

I just wanted to take one moment to say that you guys are the best community a girl could have.

CoffeeTalk Vlog: Taking Fashion Pictures In Public

Chelsea asks, How do you take fashion post pictures in public? Well, the short answer is you just kind of go ahead and do it.  The long answer is, you just go ahead and do it, with these things in mind.

Here are the posts I reference in this vlog:

On Self-Portraits – thoughts on taking self-portraits
No Shame – it helps a lot to just not care.
These Are My Peeps? – everyone in my neighborhood is nuts, so what’s one lady taking pictures of herself?

CoffeeTalk Vlog: Juggling Your Time

I’m continuing to answer your questions, whether they might embarrass me or not.  Today there’s two quick questions that I’m answering:

1. How are you so cute? Seriously!
2.  How do you juggle your time ?

Keep those questions coming.  I really appreciate them. Email me or leave a post comment.

CoffeeTalk : No Pictures of Baby Girl

A few of you have already written in with some questions for “Ask Me Anything.”  Thanks so much for that.  I really enjoy getting your questions.  Today I start answering them, and the first question comes from Chelsea over at Sunny With A Chance of Sprinkles.   Here goes!

Q: What lead you to the decision to keep your daughter out of your blog and to not use her face in pictures?

Good question.

CoffeeTalk Vlog: Men’s Fashion *AKA: crutches, cords, and country bumpkins*


Special guest star Adam Ward talks about how he gets ready for a first date, and the various things that he hates in fashion. Plus, how to accessorize a set of crutches  *Otherwise known as:  the death of style*  Also, if you’re in Toronto, check out Adam’s show on April 6th.

Lastly,  I’m still collecting questions for an ask me anything post/vlog.  So far I have a few but feel free to leave them as comments, or email me at joanna.haughton(at)

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