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Fail, But Don’t Be Boring




Embroidered Bib Halter – UO  //  Sweater – Smart Set  //  Pants – Esprit  //  Shoes – Threadsence  //  Jewelry – I don’t recall (old)

Everyone effs up.  We all make mistakes, we all shove our feet in our mouths.  We all fail.  Sometimes we fail gloriously, other times, just quietly and thoroughly.  We all have a little voice in our heads telling us we’re not enough, or whatever your voice says.  Let’s embrace it.  Let’s embrace that moment of failing miserably.  Because if you never risk anything, never put yourself out there, you’ll never fail.

And never doing anything is just plain boring.

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Good Ol’ Scotch

Sunglasses & Tee – F21
White shirt – Smart Set
Cargos – Esprit Shoes – Sketchers

I was recently cuddling with my baby and had this crazy thought:  She’s part of my body.  Well, not actually, we’re not Siamese mother-daughter of anything, but she was grown and created out of my body material.  She grew inside me – we shared a blood supply.  That’s a freaky thought, that you share a blood supply with another person.  I was a little freaked out.  Then Andrew said, ” Yeah, you did good. High five!” and she grinned her toothy grin right on cue.  I did do good.

On the same note though…

I quit!  She’s in bed, Andrew away for the night at work and I quit!  I quit being a mama.  I’m going to go watch Stargate SG1, play Civilization on my computer, and have a stiff drink of good ol’ scotch. 
This Mama’s off the clock!

p.s. Happy Birthday to my Husband!  I might even let you sleep in today….maybe.

Quote of Today:
“She laughed so hard she farted in my hand.”

Plenty of Smiles

Shirt – AE
Pants – Esprit
Sunglasses – F21
Shoes – Payless

There were plenty of smiles this week!

1. The beautiful weather!
2.  The fact that my outfit photos get interrupted by a toddler standing right in front of the camera asking, “What’s this?” and going “uh-oh!” because it’s beeping.
3. Playing ‘fetch’ with both the dog and the baby! *another bad mother moment, but oh so funny!*

Point Me Towards A Map

Shirt – Stradivarius; Cargos – Esprit; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

The first day of summer was glorious!  Sunny and hot.  But the second day of summer is wet, gray and humid.  I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.   It has been a lazy day where I’ve pretty much bummed around while Baby is sleeping and watched a few too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother while playing computer solitaire.  It’s that kind of day.  And I unabashedly love it!

Don’t you love slow and simmering days? 

I do have a rehearsal tonight, and I’m heading out early to buy a really good map of New York and Brooklyn for my trip in July.  I’m a map person.  I don’t need directions just an address, I’ll find it on the map and get myself there.  I did all of Europe that way – map in hand.   I’m looking forward to a chance to bum around Brooklyn and New York by myself (with my sister occasionally), sleeping in and generally taking time to relax.

What are you looking forward to this summer? 

Air Conditioning Overkill

Necklace – F21; Earrings – somewhere in Europe; Tank – thrifted; Sweater – Costa Blanca; Cargos – Esprit; Shoes – Rocketdog (Winners).

You know one thing I don’t like about summer?  The studio becomes crazy air-conditioned, so that even on the hot, hot days I have to wear *or bring* a sweater and have my legs covered.  I’m not a fan of such strong air-conditioning; the environmentalist in me gets livid at the use of energy.  But that’s the reasoning behind this outfit.  It was light enough to wear outside, and with the pants rolled up, it allowed me to stay cool, while at the same time the sweater and the fact that I could roll down my pants kept me warm once I got to the studio and settled in for the evening live on-air shift. 

And I have to say it was a great shift in that we aired some fabulous movies and and I had a lot to say.  I also said some silly things, but hey, I’m a nerd what can you do? 

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