If you choose to go off the highway, you might find some interesting sights.

I’m afraid of heights and though the bridges that lead between Niagara-on-the-lake aren’t arresting, they do make me a bit nervous. So on a lark, I decided that we would make a large portion of the way off the highway and along the coast, and I’m so pleased we did. Not only did we see a rose farm (more on that later), but we also managed to pull off the road and pretend to be Pirates of Old.

The shipwreck near Jordan looks like it’s straight out of a movie. The ship was built in 1914 and served first as a ferry, then a cargo ship, and later became a floating restaurant in Quebec. It was towed to Lake Ontario, and was later abandoned and gutted in a fire.

Now, it’s a wonderful catalyst for a girl and her mother to scale the rocks surrounding it while making up stories of the grand pirate Queen, and Princess, adventures they would have.

Dress – Betsey Johnson via Etsy
Boots – Blundstone
Belt – thrifted