I Can Feel You Coming This Way

Top & Necklace – F21; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Aldo

Summer is slowly on it’s way out.  You can tell because even though the days are still warm, the nights are getting cooler and cooler.  I like this time.  When summer gets lazy and fall is slowly creeping in.  When the flowers are blooming, but you can feel the changing of the colors is there like a word on the tip of your tongue.  But I despise that it means winter is around the corner. Comfy sweaters and cups of hot chocolate don’t make up for the icy winter wind freezing me despite all my layers. 

I find myself looking at sweaters, scarves and knit dresses.  And though I want to wear them, I’m glad it’s still too warm. I want to hold onto the summer sun as long as possible.   Somehow summer seems filled with hope and happiness; I don’t want to let that go. 

Quote of Today:
” Two Arnolds equal one Billy Zane.”

I Am Drake, So Listen Up Kid

I have small dreams:  a nice long walk every day, getting rubbed on the belly, maybe a squirrel to chase and a bone to chew.  I come close and cuddle in hopes of affection. But, instead.

I get a finger in the eye at least once a day.  Small pudgy hands pulling at my fur, my ears, my tongue.  Kid, keep your fingers out of my nose. And do I really have to be smacked over the head while you squeal in delight?  Isn’t it enough you get all the best food, while they have to put my food and water on the counter so you don’t play with it?  And that tail?  Yeah, it’s attached.  Thanks for checking. Again.

Yes your fingers taste good – sweet potato, chicken, or spaghetti.  And yes I don’t want any stranger near you so I’ll bark bloody murder when they approach. Oh and thanks for throwing your food over the edge, I appreciate it. But I’d just like to ask you not to launch yourself full force on top of my body when you want to hug me.  I love you too.  But I’m a lover, not a fighter.  Don’t squish me. 

Morning Routine

There’s a routine in this house. 
It’s morning, just after breakfast actually.  
Baby heads for the patio doors, maneuvers the two steps down to the patio.  
Expectantly she throws her right hand in the air, reaching for what she knows will be there.  
Cute pudgy fingers close around my hand and up she gets on her two feet.  
Then comes the long walk down the length of the backyard.  
She’s unfazed.  Determined. She has a purpose.  
Finally she reaches her destination.  
She makes sure things are the way they’re supposed to be.  
It’s changed a little.  
The tomatoes are riper, and today we pick a few.  Oh, there’s a weed.  We should pull that.  
Any green beans ready?  No.  Maybe tomorrow.  
Her observations complete, she heads back into the house.   
Only to return tomorrow.

“More Bums!”

Belt – H&M; Dress – Coco&Tashi.

Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you’re having a wonderful morning.  I’m trying to tackle my to-do list this morning and I’m happy to say that one huuuuuge thing is scrathed off the list:  I’ve completely caught up on the scrapbook album for Baby.  That’s been a weight on me for a while seeing as I’ve fallen so far behind.  But now that it’s done, I feel energized to tackle some of my other things. 

Let’s see how it goes.

Quote of Today:
“More bums!”

The Single Child Phenomenon

Dress – bought in London, England for $5!; Shoes – Zellers (on him – I don’t know, probably Value Village).

I wore this happy dress on the last day of my anniversary trip.  It’s such an easy dress to throw on ’cause the silhouette is so classic and flattering and the print is just so joyous.  I’m a big fan of happy prints.  They can just brighten your day like nothing else. 

On our anniversary we were reflecting on the last seven years, and the changes and choices we’ve made.  And once again we checked in with each other about our decision to have one child.  We periodically check in just to make sure we’re still on the same page.  And a lot of relatives and friends chide us for that decision.  They’re strongest and most common argument is that Baby needs a sibling and playmate.  To me that’s not a valid reason because I don’t want to reason for another human beings existence to be as a “sibling and playmate” for another human being.  And since we’re not drawn or moved to have another I don’t see why we should. 

On that note, I was recently reading in the September issue of Marie Claire that only children “tend to work faster and have better vocabularies; they develop a confidence and self-contained quality.”  And further they get plenty of socialization from friends, activities and school.   No longer is being an only child a hindrance as others thought.  And you know what?  I have siblings, but my soul sister is my best friend.

And when it comes to sibling rivalry – Drake the Dog constantly steals her toys causing tumultuous temper tantrums.  Trust me.  I’ve been privy to many such displays.

Quote of Today:
“I have Jane’s sports shirt too” – Firefly reference.

Reaching For Nostalgic Pieces

Necklace – in Dominican Republic; Bracelet – F21; Dress – Stradivarius; Sandals – Zellers.

Had a rehearsal for Posthuman yesterday (check that out here).  It went really well and I’m excited about the shoot on Sunday.  Other than that, I’ve been crazy, hectic busy trying to get through my ‘To-Do’ list.  It feels like it just keeps getting longer and nothing seems to be getting crossed out.  I really wish there were about 39 hours in the day.

Since I’m slightly insomniac lately and therefore not functioning at optimum capacity, I decided to wear my favorite dress.  Wearing this dress always makes me feel better.  I got it in Barcelona, and wore it all throughout Spain; so whenever I wear it it brings me back to sunny days spent walking along the beach and enjoying menu del dias.  What’s your favorite nostalgic piece?

Quote of Today:
“I can feel the cavities!”

Seven Years Day Two

The second, and last, day of our anniversary trip away started with warm and very buttery croissants!

After about an hour Husband wanted to get a ‘second breakfast.’ Yes, he’s a hobbit.

This is a club I’d like to join…and be president of.

We sat outside on the patio and watched the town wake up.

Coffee cake makes a great second breakfast.  I managed to snag a bite before Husband gobbled it all up.

Husband doesn’t drink a lot of coffee and gets really wired from it.  So how many coffees did you have dear?

Check out the awesome lady walking her dogs in her PJs.

I love a bright pink bathroom.

More lookout points.

And that’s all she wrote folks!  After this beach stop we headed home to see our darling Babe.  
Happy Anniversary!

A Dinner Seven Years In The Making

Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Aldo; Belt – H&M.

As you know, I’m a polka dot fiend, but recently I’ve been loving the color red, so this dress was a perfect combination of an old obsession with a burgeoning new one.  And it’s comfortable too.  Oh and a tip, it packs well.  No creases what-so-ever.

So, Dinner was at the local music pub.  Not a fancy place, but one with a cool vibe and a live blue-grass player.  He had gray dreadlocks. Can we say cool A-ttitude

During dinner we had wondered what to do afterwards, but Mother Nature made the decision for us by providing a torrential downpour that made us quickly go back to the hotel room where we watched a movie and ate decadent chocolate! Mmmmm…chocolate…with cookies crumbs.

True Story:
Never give your child oatmeal with fresh blueberries while she’s wearing a white shirt…and insists on feeding herself. 
*le sigh*

The Cat Came Back

During our stay at the hotel, there was a cat there was veeeery friendly.  She followed us everywhere and was more than willing to be rubbed.  She the town you-know-what…everyone’s had a rub.

Eventually she found something more interesting than us.

Seven Years Day One

Here’s a quick summary of our first day in Prince Edward County wine country.
First winery we hit had great patio chairs.

Lake on the Mountain lookout.

The restaurant on the lookout was really cool – made you feel like you were sent back in time.

The highlight was the cider brewing company.  Their apple cider is incredible!

There was this awesome little store called “Diva” in town.  It sold the most audacious hats ever!

The view from the hotel we were at was so peaceful.

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