New York, I’ve Arrived

Here’s some stuff from my first day in New York…

Cool building.

Fun street metal art.

Yes, I went shopping in Beacon’s Closet.  One dress has been added to my wardrobe.

Overpriced store with a beautiful display.
My obsession with Top Gear has caused me to pay attention to cars like never before.

Top – stolen from Mom; Dress – H&M; Sandals – Zellers; Bag – F21.

See you tomorrow!  I’ve got some good stuff planned.

In A New York Frame Of Mind

Hat & Ring – Ruche; Top, Sandal & Shorts – F21; Belt – H&M.

Top of the mornin’ to you.  I’m up bright and early, too early for my tastes, but as every Mother knows it’s not up to my tastes.  And last night marks the last time I’m going to sleep in my bed until next Sunday.  I’m New York bound!  Heading over to my sister’s place tonight.  so for the next while I’ll be posting from NYC.

I’ve been there a few times.  So here’s the question:  any hidden gems that I should check out?  Anything secret you’ve discovered that you’re willing to share with me?  See you in New York.

Random Sundays: Movie Shoot Missing

I was on the set of a movie yesterday and though I got tons of scratches, cuts, and bruises I had a brilliant time!  And I can’t wait until we shoot the feature next year.  It’s going to be amazing!!!  But I will say that for some reason I really missed Baby yesterday.  When I got home, I went to check on her and she was so cute all cuddled up in her crib and sleeping soundly.  I’m going to miss her so much when I go to NYC tomorrow!  But I know it’ll be good for me.  I need to get away and have a long break after more than a year. 

Happy Sunday!

The Death Of A Computer And Other News…

Cami – F21; Shirt – Smart Set; Jeans – Guess; Sandals – Zellers.

Guess what???  My computer’s hard drive completely died!  At least it’s under full warranty.  But still. Though to be honest that computer has been nothing but grief and I’d be happy to replace it if I could.  Regardless, it’s thrown me off my equilibrium a bit.  

You want to know the thing that hurts the most?  I backed up a month ago, but that means I’ve lost the pics from Baby’s first birthday.  *sad face*  I could recover it for hundreds of dollars, but frankly I don’t have that lying around.  There is one slim chance – I’m not going to say because I don’t want to jinx myself – but otherwise the shots I took are gone.  Close your eyes real hard and say a few little prayers for me please!

On a happier note, I thought I’d share with you the lovely things that Baby is doing:
She has learned to go down the stairs now – crawling down in the same position she went up, just backwards.  And she loves when I help her use the spoon to feed herself yogurt.  Such a cutie!  Oh, and she loves standing at the screen door and looking at all the cars go by.  But all that is still nothing compared to the joy of flinging the dog’s food around! 

And just to let you know, I’m having a BBQ to celebrate my Mom’s umpteenth annual “30th” birthday, and then tomorrow I’m on set all day for a shoot!  It’s going to be sooooooo cool!  But that also means there will be no post tomorrow!  Sorry.  I’ll see you lovely folks on Sunday though.  Happy weekend!

Hair Tutorial: Three-Bun Do

As per request, I’m posting this hair tutorial on my three-bun hair-do.  It’s really easy, and I usually do this when I can’t stand my hair and need to get it off my face.  The key to this is the fact that’s it’s never exactly the same, and it’s always a little messy.  The goal is the anti-perfect coif.

Making faces at Baby.

Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Payless.

Yesterday I had rehearsal for something I’m shooting on Saturday.  It’s a trailer for a feature that I’ll be in next year.  And it’s a horror film!  Going to be so much fun!  For the rehearsal I wore this lovely Ruche dress.  It was sweltering hot and this dress is nice and cool.  I’ve had to alter it since it’s too big around the bust for me, and I have to do so again, ’cause it’s still a bit roomy.  But I do really like the pattern on it.  And of course I had to wear a matching flower in my hair!

Underwear Undercover

At the Movieola Studio in between segments.

Hat – F21; Shirt and belt – thrifted; Skirt – Spotted Moth; Shoes – Payless.

It’s summer and everyone is shedding layers.  But the warm months have exposed a terrible thing I’ve been witnessing on the street – bad underwear choices.  Outfits are 360 degrees.  The world sees us all the way around and not just from the front or side.  And not every outfit goes with with multicolored tight undies.  I’ve seen the underwear abuse everywhere lately.  The reason it gets me so adamant is that it ruins an otherwise cute outfit.  Further, it makes the offending lady look a little trashy, unkempt, and makes her figure look less beautiful.

Consider this, a young mom was walking down the street ahead of me pushing a stroller. She had a cute messy ponytail going for her, a figure that, though not sports illustrated material *but really who is, am I right??* , was quite attractive, and she had a simple and sweet maxi dress on. *which I love for new moms in the summer*  So she could’ve had everything going for her.  Except.  She had tight orange underwear on.  How do I know it was orange?  Because it showed through her dress.  How did I know it was tight?  Because it was cutting into her bum, legs, and hips.  So the whole cute image, and the long lean line of the dress, was ruined.  It’s the details that separate chic from not.  And it’s important to consider your outfit from the top layer to the bottom.

If you’re a mom, don’t wear a black bra with a white top. *this is a trend I see on teenage girls today, and in my opinion it just looks cheap on anyone*  Don’t wear tight orange underwear with a slightly sheer jersey dress.  Soft thongs are great, as are seamless panties.  And the mantra is nude, nude, nude!  If you’re wearing an outfit like the one I am above, where there’s volume and the skirt is fully lined you can wear any underwear you like – mine are dark grey bikini style, by the way.  And most importantly make sure it fits.

Okay, that’s it.
Rant over.
Thank you for listening.
I’m here all week.  Please remember to tip your waitress.

One Of The Boys

Hat – Zellers; Scarf – thrifted; Tank – F21; Jeans – AE; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

As much as I love being girlie with frills, ruffles, lace, and flowers, I also love the look and feel of boyfriend jeans.   There’s something very ‘Sunday’ about a good ol’ pair of boyfriend jeans. I love to just throw on a pair like the ones pictured above and head out for a stroll around the neighborhood.  Sometimes we go to the park and swing. Baby loves that!

Another recent *typically boy* obsession?  “Top Gear”!  I’m crazy about it.  The guys who host are hilarious and soooo not PC, and the cars are just completely drool worthy!  I can’t get enough of it…it’s a problem.

Tuesday In Review: Asics GT-2150

I’m an avid runner.  But I’ve also had more than my fair share of foot problems.  And therefore the right shoe is a big deal for me.  Now, I just need a little stability and a lot of cushioning.  So these have been my go-to shoe for the past 6 years.  Every year, Asics comes out with a new version of the same shoe – it’s essentially the same thing with a little tweak here and there as technology and understanding increases.  Every time I need a new pair of running shoes, I simply go get the newest version of the GT-2100 series.  My latest purchase – a bit ago – was this pair of GT 2150s.  I love how it’ s like running on air.  My old pair lasted about 2 1/2 years!  That’s a lot of time when you’re clocking in about 6-7 hours of running a week. 

True, I don’t run marathons but I do put my shoes through their paces *pardon the pun* and I need something that can keep my feet in good working order.  Like I said, I need major cushioning and these babies have never disappointed.  I’ve found that each version has kept their cushioning longer than any other shoes I’ve had – and I’ve worn New Balance, Nike, and Saucony before.  The stability isn’t super, which is bad if you’re a severe over or under pronator, but if you just need a moderate amount of support then these should do you well.

On a purely girl note, these shoes come in the blue you see above, as well as pink and purple!  So we can be as girlie as we want!

Busy Little Bee

My manicure!  I’m so proud.

Hat – Ruche; Shirt – H&M; Jeans – Guess; Sandals – Zellers.

I must say it’s been a busy and rough week, and it’s not going to stop until I leave for NYC next Monday.  I’ve been doing crazy on-air hours and shoots in between.  So it’s a good busy, but still tiring.  Have to say though, that Baby is getting sooooo much better at sleeping through the night.  I’m really loving it.  I just wish I could take more advantage of it by being in bed earlier.

Anyway, I hope you lovlies had a great long weekend.  And for you stylish ladies who asked about my hair, the tutorial is coming up soon!  Sometime this week, I swear.

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