Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Aldo; Belt – H&M.

As you know, I’m a polka dot fiend, but recently I’ve been loving the color red, so this dress was a perfect combination of an old obsession with a burgeoning new one.  And it’s comfortable too.  Oh and a tip, it packs well.  No creases what-so-ever.

So, Dinner was at the local music pub.  Not a fancy place, but one with a cool vibe and a live blue-grass player.  He had gray dreadlocks. Can we say cool A-ttitude

During dinner we had wondered what to do afterwards, but Mother Nature made the decision for us by providing a torrential downpour that made us quickly go back to the hotel room where we watched a movie and ate decadent chocolate! Mmmmm…chocolate…with cookies crumbs.

True Story:
Never give your child oatmeal with fresh blueberries while she’s wearing a white shirt…and insists on feeding herself. 
*le sigh*