Top & Necklace – F21; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Aldo

Summer is slowly on it’s way out.  You can tell because even though the days are still warm, the nights are getting cooler and cooler.  I like this time.  When summer gets lazy and fall is slowly creeping in.  When the flowers are blooming, but you can feel the changing of the colors is there like a word on the tip of your tongue.  But I despise that it means winter is around the corner. Comfy sweaters and cups of hot chocolate don’t make up for the icy winter wind freezing me despite all my layers. 

I find myself looking at sweaters, scarves and knit dresses.  And though I want to wear them, I’m glad it’s still too warm. I want to hold onto the summer sun as long as possible.   Somehow summer seems filled with hope and happiness; I don’t want to let that go. 

Quote of Today:
” Two Arnolds equal one Billy Zane.”