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Hello Bug

When a big, big bug finds its way onto your patio doors, you grab your macro lens ASAP.

Morning Gorge

Morning gorge hike. This meant that as always we didn’t take the official trail, but headed in, saw some great sites, some people tubing the rapids, and then had to climb out and hop a fence to get back on the trail.

Elora Gorge Quarry

Destination: Elora. First Stop: The Quarry.

Casa Loma, Again

This grand house in Toronto, built to be a castle. We’ve gone to events here, and we’ve taken the tour.

Morland Place

This is one of those places not a lot of people know about.

Tree Spirits in Orangeville

When the growth of the town accelerated, the lovely maple trees around town started dying because of the pollution and age.

Holland Marsh and Allendale Train Station

Our Mother/Daughter trip out of town started with a drive through the Ontario swamps – you know, the ones that grow all our food.

Unionville and Markham Heritage Estates

A girlfriend and I decided to go out for a girl’s trip and head to Unionville.

Ghost Ship of Jordan Harbour

If you choose to go off the highway, you might find some interesting sights.

Peace Bridge and Mather Monument

In full view of the Peace Bridge stands the monument to Alonzo Clark Mather. The architect and dreamer of the Peace bridge.

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