Our Mother/Daughter trip out of town started with a drive through the Ontario swamps – you know, the ones that grow all our food.

Holland marsh is usually just driven through on the 400, but if you get off the highway and drive through it, it’s actually a surreal feeling – like driving through a massive vegetable garden. Because that’s what it is – Canada’s largest vegetable garden ever since 1930 when the marsh was finished draining and was ready for planting. Canal road is by far the best way to view this massive sight.

Then on up to Barrie to check out the waterfront and Allandale train station, Ontario’s grandest railway station. It’s no longer in use, and had been slated as a restoration sight, but legal issues have stopped work and left it fenced off from viewers.

Once finally meandering our way through hikes and these stops, we made it to our fabulous AirBnB. At which point, some food, and a rollerblade to check out the neighborhood was in order. About a ten minute walk away was McCormish’s candy shoppe, which, if you’re of British origin is a must stop. They have chocolates, and various sundries that are direct imports from the UK. Closed at the time, but definitely was a destination for the next day. Oh and they have the best van parked out front.

The day closed off as my mini-me and I watched the beautiful sun fade out of sight.

Dress – Ruche *very old*
Top – Rails via This is Coco’s
Boots – Blundstones
Jacket – c/o Sweet Jeans