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City Side

Oops, my city side is showing again.

Mushroom Picking

Get up before the sun, drive to the forest and start looking.

Happy Place

Just a girl in her happy place.

Tru Earth Beeswax Wraps

Y’all know I like their laundry detergent because of many reasons, but I’m back sharing Tru Earth beeswax wraps with you this time.

Puppy Sitting

Dog sitting and active and rambunctious puppy certainly shook up our house.

Time Changes

It’s crazy what time will do.

Lake Morning

A fresh clear morning that promises a warm sunny day.


17 years, delicious steak and salad for dinner, and a dazzling sunset.

Day on a Boat

When someones asks you to spend the day on a boat you say, “Yes.”

Balance Your Heart

“Then there are those people who over identify with their emotions. Everything is justified for no other reason than they felt it….You know who bases their entire lives on their emotions? Three-year-old kids. And dogs.” – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k.

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