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Garbage Panda

Did you enjoy the Superb Owl?

Turn Turn Turn

The thing is that life doesn’t stop. I mean, it stops eventually for all of us, but otherwise, it just doesn’t stop.

Cosmos Dress

I started this dress many, many months ago. I thought, “Yes, this will take a while, but it won’t take THAT long.” Flash forward a Winter and Spring later and it’s finally done!

Embroidered Sweater

I’ve been meaning to try some larger embroidery.

First White Work and Cut Out Embroidery

Remember this dress? The little vintage piece I bought a while ago as the canvas for my attempt at whitework and cut work embroidery?

A Damage That Turned Into A Flower

I got this dress from Sassi Boho. It’s a House of Skye dress that I really love. Sadly, it came damaged – with a hole at the front.

New Vintage Dress

You know what makes me happy? When I get a vintage cotton dress for $25 that’s the perfect canvas to try out some cutout whitework embroidery.

Hand Embroidered and Beaded Jacket

I wanted a full out, totally embroidered velvet jacket. I also wanted it to have beading. I found a few I really loved online….for about $600.

Kaszubian Embroidered Dress

I’m born and part raised in Poland, but my maternal grandmother is Kaszubian.

Wear White

You’re going to spill something.

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