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Lord of the Rings Gorge And Falls

Morning gave us some cool relief, and we came to the stairs that let you go down into the gorge.

Elora Proper

This was our anniversary trip. So of course, one of the evenings we got a little gussied up and headed into town for some shopping, a lovely dinner, and an evening walk.

Morning Gorge

Morning gorge hike. This meant that as always we didn’t take the official trail, but headed in, saw some great sites, some people tubing the rapids, and then had to climb out and hop a fence to get back on the trail.

Elora Gorge Quarry

Destination: Elora. First Stop: The Quarry.

Jones Falls

Such a beautiful sight. Why? Well, it hasn’t been as touristed as some other waterfalls.

Morland Place

This is one of those places not a lot of people know about.

Hoggs Falls and Eugenia Falls

It’s a beautiful waterfall in a totally natural setting. Just off the Bruce trail, you can use the rope for a handhold on your climb down to the base where you can swim and play at the bottom.

Cheltenham Badlands

Here the medina shale is left exposed and creates this dramatic landscape void of vegetation right in the heart of lush Ontario.

Day on a Boat

When someones asks you to spend the day on a boat you say, “Yes.”

Out of the Frying Pan…But Good

Time to celebrate another friend’s birthday. What a chore, am I right?

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