I realized that I haven’t given you guys an update on the horrible constant acid reflux that I got three days after surgery – as soon as I started to eat normally again.

I was told by multiple doctors and surgical nurses that it had NOTHING to do with the surgery – which of course made me feel extra special broken. But then after medication and diet changes did nothing, I did some research and found an Osteopath from Brazil that specializes in acid reflux. I bought the book, and started the physio exercises that she recommends. As soon as I started the gentle exercises, the very first time actually, the pain shot from the bottom of my diapghram and lower esphogas (where the exercise focused on) right into my incision. So logic dictates that if a gentle exercise on the bottom end of the muscle shoots pain into my incision, then having my throat cut at the top would affect the lower half – giving me acid reflux. But noooooooo, it has nothing to do with the surgery. All that is to say, that since my tissue is healing, and I’ve been doing this physio, my acid reflux is a thing of the past. Thank goodness!!