My house is a simple breakfast kind of house.

Sometimes Andrew will do a big fancy dinner, but that’s once in a while on the weekends. Usually it’s just simple and easy. I’m always reminded of Jean-Luc Picard’s “coffee and croissant.” But the trick is that I usually do my big 10k runs, or weights routine, between breakfast and lunch, and so adequate fuel is absolutely necessary. Sorry, I’m not one who can workout without fuel in my belly. When I was ordering my @LiveFitFoods package I added in a bunch of these protein energy balls because 1) YUM! And 2) healthy energy! I had also added a few packets of granola for the two ‘granola and (coconut) yogurt’ fanatics under my roof. It’s certainly made my mornings more luxurious…and who couldn’t use a little luxury right now? Send it all here if you don’t want it! Haha.

Want to treat yourself too? Use code ‘Joanna20’ for twenty bucks off your order from this Canadian run business. Delivers only in Ontario and Quebec right now. Okay, time to run.