Remember when I said that I had decided to stay off the highway and take the long scenic route back? Well, it was worth the payoff when we drove by a huge rose farm.

The field, located next to a church was too enticing not to stop at. So we pulled over and got out. Marveling at the different colors, varieties, and of course, the accompanying smell. She wanted to take pictures.

This naturally led me to a discussion and conversation about the need to respect property. Not too long ago, a sunflower farm in Ontario was over run by instagrammers who tramped through the crops in search of the perfect shot. They were so disrespectful and the numbers so large that the crops were ruined, the police called in, and the farm closed off.

Respect for others, and empathy is sorely lacking. So as she wanted pictures, I brought up that example, and together we discussed the best ways to get pretty pictures without disturbing the plants, the land, and being respectful to the owners of the property.

I feel it’s a lesson many adults need to learn.

Dress – Free People, thrifted
Boots – Blundstones