Beautiful Morningstar Mill, originally built in 1872, overlooks the plunging Decew Falls. It’s am impressive sight, but you have to put in the work to see it.

Morningstar Mill is now a museum that only once a month works to grind flour – mostly as a novelty for kids. But it is well preserved and great to look around. If you go in the turbine shed, you can see the inner workings and get a great view of the top of Decew Falls.

Just across the small path, you’ll find the Miller’s House, which is preserved and restored, and you can get a free tour to guide you through the history.

Continuing up the path and exiting the grounds you hit the Bruce trail. And as you go, you’ll go onto an illegal/unofficial path that will lead you into the gorge, to the cascading Lower Falls and on to the upper plunging Decew Falls. Stay on to the left, and you’ll have no choice but to descend. Though be warned that it is tricky, rocky, muddy, slippery, and precarious. My girl and I descended and continued on to the Lower Falls. At which point you have to climb up again to get over the first Falls and carry on to the next. She was a bit worried, and a little inexperienced and therefore asked if we could not continue on. I was, admittedly, disappointed as I wanted to see the height of the main Falls, but also respectful of the trek we had done, and her limits.

Dress – Spell Designs
Boots – Blundstone
Socks – Free People
Belt – thrifted