Having experienced the town and the very pricey food – seriously though, I had been warned Australia was expensive, but man oh man! – I bought some wine and some groceries and headed for a slow night in.

It’s funny. The AirBnb I was in was very clean, and secluded but it also had some odd things. It was a room with ensuite in a flat. So there was a kitchen to cook it, but it was missing the basics like: coffee, tea, salt, pepper, cooking oil, and a corkscrew. Which I learned when I realized that the wine I bought myself for my four day trip had a cork.

This led me on an adventure to get to know my neighbors. Eventually, I stumbled upon an older Spanish man repairing his car. He happily took the bottle and opened it up for me, during which time we had a lovely conversation about my alma mater – University of Toronto – and his strong dislike for Jordan Peterson. I tell you he was opinionated and funny.

Back at the AirBnb, making some food without salt or pepper, and figuring out some sort of oil thing, I decided to rest and relax with my book, go to bed early, and enjoy the quiet. I had walked over 20k that day and thoroughly needed to crash.