After the madness of the animals, a little more civilization was in order….

So next came a cafe visit at the summit that overlooked Adelaide, along with a visit to Haigh’s chocolate for a little indulgence.

Then of course came the beach at Glenelg! You couldn’t expect me to go to Australia and not end up on the beach pronto. Erin had been there for just over a month, and this was her first beach visit. I’m not sure how she survived that long – I certainly wouldn’t have.

Once back in town, it was a little of Cooper’s Alehouse and it’s beer and delicious ribs. Normally, I’m mostly vegetarian at home, but when abroad I’m not picky except about my allergens. If I had known at the time what a big deal Cooper’s is I would’ve made sure to take a picture, but alas, hunger made me stupid.

On the way home afterwards, a little tipsy, I noticed that a particular tree had a particular shape and I dubbed it “Penis tree.”

Dress – Tamga Designs
Bikini set – Spell Designs