I survived the night…

…that is to say I was perfectly fine and pleasantly surprised. It was unexpectedly warm in that canvas and sleeping bag. Further, I had expected to be covered by insects and I wasn’t! While some ants and a couple beetles had investigated me, I was remarkably undisturbed. Also, people had apparently been bitten by mosquitos and I wasn’t! Now, Canadian mosquitos love me, but apparently the Australian ones don’t. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

However, I had slept through some eventful things. Namely, a kangaroo had come into our camp in the night and was hopping around us. The guide, Keith, kept chasing him away from us and the food, but he kept coming back. Apparently, it woke up a few people as well. I slept soundly through it all. Moral of the story? Don’t put me on guard duty.

Anyway, after some instant coffee with rice milk – yes they had provided and taken care for my dietary needs. Yay! It was off again. This time driving through Flinders Ranges.

Stopping at some old abandoned Copper mines to see the workings that had been left. It’s the remains of brown, or dirty coal…

They make sure the language barrier isn’t an issue with the signage. I have to tell you, I got endless amusement from the plethora of signs in the Outback.

…and the reservation dam that looks pretty but don’t touch it. It’s the water the industry had used to clean the equipment and it’s so polluted still that you can’t drink or swim in it at all. Completely unsafe.

Dress – Auguste the label *very old*
Shoes – The Shoe Company
Sunnies – Kate Spade c/o Saks Off 5th