One of the stops along the drive was what I would call an outdoor sculptural gallery.

These sculptures created by the Aboriginal people of the region stand there for all to see and enjoy.

Coming off the bus in the high afternoon heat, we were given a time limit of how long we could stay out there before needing to be back on board. And honestly, the heat would’ve driven us back anyway. It’s that oppressive desert – pardon me, semi-arid climate – heat that takes all your energy.

That was a running joke. All of us would say it was a desert, and let’s be honest, it is for all intents and purposes. But Keith, the guide, was insistent that it was technically a semi-arid climate because it has an annual rainfall whereas a desert does not. So we all kept bugging him by occasionally calling it a ‘desert’ within earshot.

It was all in love and good fun, and hey, you get your kicks where you can in the desert. *Semi-arid climate!*