…don’t tell. Don’t tell anyone that you love them. Don’t tell anyone that you care. Don’t tell anyone that they’re always on your mind. Don’t send them that sexy text. Don’t put yourself out there. Don’t risk looking like a fool, they will remember it forever. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t drink a little too much and say sexy things. Don’t. Don’t Don’t.

Fuck it. Don’t let your life be ruled by ‘Don’ts.’ Who cares if you make a fool. Those who have not tried and failed have never risked, have never lived. Better to try, risk, and fail, then to sit and wonder if the love of your life walked by you. Better to try and risk and fail, then to not say that dirty joke because you want to be a ‘good girl.’ I don’t want to be a good girl. Those who never rebelled, never did anything worthwhile, or interesting.

Cheers to that babes!

Tank – Mate the Label via Southern Hippie
Jeans – Gap
Hat – Aldo
Sunnies – F21
Boots – Aldo

*everything is old*